ACCO Brands

Experience-driven commerce at scale.

About ACCO Brands: 

ACCO Brands’ portfolio of consumer, business, and academic products have permeated schools, offices, and homes across the globe. With 7,000 employees, $1 billion in annual revenue, and more than 30 independent brands, ACCO sought to unify its marketing approach while adding the ability to sell directly to B2B and B2C audiences. Project goals included increasing and retaining revenue through the creation of an end user-focused digital experiences, building for scale and expansion across brands, and leveraging powerful brand content and storytelling with an optimized product experience.

Business challenges:

Digital tools and technologies have fundamentally altered how consumers research and make their purchase decisions. For ACCO Brands, its ecosystem of dissimilar and aging tools, redundant brand and product websites, and isolated data didn't support users during their buying journeys. With a large audience of B2B buyers, these users lacked common and expected features, such as creating an account, viewing account-based pricing, seeing purchase history, and more. Modernizing and simplifying how the organization managed core business functions was just one part of the equation. Bespoke, one-off commerce implementations can spend months in development and require significant capital investment. How could the solution be built to scale across brands, control spend, and promote speed to market?

The solution: Helix

Premium brands deserve premium experiences. ACCO and C2 partnered to create Helix, a program for managing this large-scale content and commerce rollout. Playing off the shape of DNA, or genetic code, Helix leverages template, block, and integration reuse in a way that is easily shared and scaled across brands. The selected platform, Episerver, provided ACCO an opportunity to simplify its technology ecosystem by uniting content and commerce management under one roof. Leveraging UX and design best practices, Helix provides a system to quickly and easily style and launch additional brand sites on a market-leading platform with minimal development.



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