Reclaiming the E-Commerce Experience

Brian Beaupied
Sales and Marketing Director
Screen grab: Moody Publishers website (Fictional category)

In time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the November 24 launch of the new Moody Publishers site could not have been timed better.

The business benefits of the new site, however, will reach well beyond just the holiday shopping season.

Built on the Episerver content management system, the new Moody Publishers site consolidates the work of two sites into one and provides unprecedented control of e-commerce efforts. Utilizing powerful integrations with Episerver out-of-the-box functionality, Moody Publishers now has complete autonomy over its own commerce manager, which acts as a single source of truth for processing orders, importing products, building author pages, and managing inventory, shipping, and promotions.

Previously, users had to click out to a secondary site and a third-party vendor to complete purchases.  

Meanwhile, the redesigned and mobile-friendly site enhances user experience by offering a cohesive interaction across multiple platforms.

“The Moody Publishers group is an important component of our ministry,” Moody Global Ministries Vice President of Information Technology Services Frank Leber said. “Publishers needs reliable, scalable technology that enables them to serve their customers, authors, and ministry partners worldwide.”

“We are thrilled with the opportunity to tightly integrate legacy systems with up-to-date e-commerce technology,” said Moody Global Ministries Manager of Digital Products David Quigley. “Episerver’s flexibility pays off in its ‘best-of-breed’ promise. We’re able to control the commerce experience without upending our existing systems while also having an eye on additional integrations, like marketing automation.”

C2 and Moody teams embraced an agile development approach while incorporating the use of new project management tools to improve progress tracking, collaboration, and communication. The result was prioritizing and delivering key functionality on schedule while moving quickly and seamlessly between project sprints.

“Internally, our team has much to be proud of,” said C2 Managing Partner Michael Kunzler. “Our commitment to Moody and its team has fostered a longstanding and successful partnership. Embracing a truly agile approach afforded both teams the flexibility to adjust and react to change as needed throughout the project. The launch of a new truly sets the tone for an important part of Moody’s overall ministry.”

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