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Innovate faster. Operate smarter.

The number of systems and tools proliferating organizations have placed a burden on the IT teams and on-premise data centers historically responsible for standing them up. Teams are increasingly looking to get out of managing their own data centers, as well as the systems and platforms that can now be managed remotely and stored in a secure cloud environment.

C2's Managed Services team provides secure and reliable hosting and management solutions that get the most from your tools and enable IT teams to be at their best - working on the tasks that matter most to the business.

Set it and forget it with C2 Managed Services: 

Cloud Hosting / Management

Secure, reliable, and cost-efficient, C2 pairs cloud hosting with proactive monitoring and alerting to ensure your business applications are"always on" for those who matter most (even off the clock).


Maintain code integrity, shorten development cycles, and increase speed to market between IT and development by automating deployments with continuous integration and continuous deployment.

Disaster Recovery

Expect the unexpected. Ensure continuity and peace of mind through C2's thoughtful contingency planning, scalable resource capacity, geographic redundancy, data recovery, and automated backups.

Solution Architecture

Scalable and consistent with business needs, C2 devises a plan for a systems structure that is secure, future-proof, and promotes consistency within operations, processes, and overall technology stack.
"Always on" Availability for Alamo
Learn how Alamo Colleges reduced its datacenter utilization, hardware spend, total cost of ownership and freed internal resources to focus on local-to-campus tasks.

Considerations for cloud vs on-prem.

Settling on where to store your data and applications doesn't have a cut-and-dried, one-size-fits-all answer. It's about an objective and picking the right tool for the job. Here's what you need to consider.


Automation drives C2's 100% uptime.

Most cloud hosting providers describe their availability in terms of "nines". At The C2 Group, we prefer a more binary approach: a "one" and two "zeroes". Learn how redundancy and automation drive uptime and availability.


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