Ongoing Web Support

Access to a cross-functional team with an in-house feel.

The way organizations approach digital is constantly evolving. In fact, 63% of organizations have revised their staffing models to better support digital initiatives (Source: The C2 Group, Assessing Digital Maturity).

Ongoing Web Support with C2 offers access to a dedicated team of cross-functional experts, including UX design, front- and back-end development, content management (CMS), and DevOps. Serving as an augment to client internal teams, C2 provides regular, monthly digital leadership and expertise in sought-after disciplines, flexibility, and production.

Flexibility and support you need, where you need it.

User Experience

User-centered, data-driven solutions that delight at each step of the customer journey.

Design enhancements
Prototype design
Data visualization
Campaign/user testing
Conversion optimization
Analytics reviews and recommendations
UX/UI research and consulting


Code and functionality that is secure, efficient, easily managed, and built to last.

Front (CSS/HTML/JS) to Back (.NET/C#)
Ektron/Episerver development
Code audits
Bug fixes
Integration support
Web accessibility services
Functionality enhancements


Best practice usage and enthusiastic adoption get the most out of tools and teams.

Ektron/Episerver training
Browser testing
Device compatibility
Content governance
CMS workarea optimization
Training documentation
Training videos


Continuous delivery and integration that shortens development and time to market.

Automated/scheduled deployments
Issue troubleshooting and remediation
Source code management
Technical architecture consulting
Environment review and replication
Performance review/recommendations
Disaster and contingency planning
Plan. Prioritize. Perform.
See how the City of Gresham (Oregon) leverages C2's Ongoing Web Support to enhance and evolve its web presence.

Get More From C2's Ongoing Support.

C2's support offering is about more than just bug fixes. Recurring Services Manager, Paul Shope, shares some unique ways clients can use support hours for ongoing web needs and to help meet business goals.


To Staff Up or Staff Augment?

Among employees, 44% said the most pressing obstacle to digital growth at their organizations involve staffing issues - either lack of on-staff skills, high turnover, or resource constraints. Learn about different staffing approaches and what may work (or not work) for your organization.

We're happy to lend a hand!
Get more done, faster

Free your team to focus on tasks that matter most to your business. Perfect for prioritized and incremental work, Ongoing Web Support provides additional bandwidth for internal teams with cross-functional skills that aren't readily available in-house.

Ongoing access to in-depth support

Ongoing Web Support allows access to a wide range of skills and experiences, ranging from .NET developers to UX designers, CMS professionals, and cloud gurus for all your routine web needs. Submit requests and view progress from C2's client portal any time.

Predictable, cost-effective pricing

All web packages include a balance of monthly support hours, scaled to meet specific and wide-ranging client needs. Hours and progress are managed through C2's client portal, providing flexible service, transparent reporting, and easy planning.


Looking for an ongoing support partner?

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