Deliver Personalization at Scale

The C2 Group's Personalization Workshop breaks down everything teams need to know to successfully start (and grow) their personalization practice.

Starting small and scaling success.

From Amazon to Netflix and Spotify, we are catered to every day with personalized digital experiences. As a result, users have come to expect the same level of personalization from companies of all sizes.

That's right. Personalization is more best practice than passing digital fad. However, for most companies, getting started with personalization is still a challenge.

That's why C2 has developed a one-day workshop for marketing leaders and digital teams at any stage of their personalization journey. Our workshop breaks it all down - business goals and relevant KPIs, audiences, adoption, technology requirements, and long-term optimization - to equip teams with an actionable plan and replicable framework to pilot and scale their personalization practice.


C2's personalization workshop provides:

Business Review

We start by understanding business goals, relevant metrics/KPIs, the business case for personalization, and the impact of personalization on digital teams.

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Audience research

Breaking down customer audiences, their journeys and touchpoints, and available analytics help us identify a segment of your audience for a personalization pilot.

Business Requirements

Based on business and audience needs, we gather and document requirements to inform product selection, development, and delivering the ideal end user experience.

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We'll review the current site's content, design, and underlaying technology with recommendations, where appropriate, to realize your personalization strategy.

Project plan

We tailor a project plan for a personalization pilot program to your organization's needs and capabilities, inclusive of scope, timeline, and resources.

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Creative concepts

In addition to project plan and business requirements, personalized components are wireframed within a current or a revised version of your website's information architecture.

Enabling successful digital marketing.

With deep experience in CMS and ecommerce design, development, and integration, The C2 Group's portfolio is built on enabling successful digital marketing. Our team of UX designers, web developers, and digital consultants are skilled in identifying both quick wins and strategic focus areas of your digital experiences so you can see a return on your investment.


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