Design & User Experience

Digital design that people love.

We believe that quality design can change the way brands connect with, convert, and retain their customers. Using a human-centered approach, C2’s user experience design team fuses business goals and consumer needs with usability and functionality best practices to create brand-aligned, data-driven designs that engage and serve your most valued audiences.

Whether it be simplifying the checkout process or gathering actionable insights needed to redesign your website or application, we take the pressure of designing and developing the ideal presentation, so your team can focus on crafting the perfect content to showcase in it. It's a win-win for everyone.

Where design meets intentionality:

Concepting and Prototyping

Have an idea? We can lead early research, apply wireframes, and manifest the intentions for an experience before it's developed. Whatever it is, your concept will leave better than when you brought it.

User Research

Whether it’s persona development, customer journey and use flow maps, or usability testing, we capture and bring meaning to the behaviors, needs, and motivations of what matters most to your users.

Responsive Design

Meet your users where they are, on the devices they prefer. Strategic information architecture and UI design fosters engaging interactions that enable users to accomplish goals intuitively and efficiently.

Conversion Optimization

Improvement never stops. Pairing web and visual analytics with A/B testing, C2 enhances and evolves existing designs and processes to increase the quality of website traffic and quantity of conversions.
Small Changes, Big Outcomes.
User testing doesn't need to cost an arm to get big results organizations long after. Learn how to construct smaller usability tests to optimize and improve just about any digital experience.

Is B2B really just B2C?

As savvy businesses continue to understand the value of a thoughtful customer experience, the B2C business model has matured and is having major influence on B2B. Learn more about where the two models are converging.


Crafting the customer journey.

Customers have more control of their purchase decisions than ever before. Learn more about how the customer journey is essential to creating enjoyable shopping experiences that stretch beyond purchase.


Looking to enhance your digital experience?

Let's talk about your most pressing design and usability challenges, and how our team can help.

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