Episerver Release Notes - April

The C2 Group
Multiple Contributors

Episerver’s continuous release cycle provides new features and bug fixes on a bi-weekly cadence. Each month, C2 will aggregate and highlight some of the bigger updates to Epi software. To learn more, or if you have specific questions, you can contact The C2 Group, an Episerver Premium Partner, here.


Added Shipping Method Options (Beta)

Release: EPiServer.Commerce13.1.0 [ID: COM-8972]

Commerce 13.1.0 now offers the ability to select a shipping method from a drop-down menu for CSR users CommerceAdmins or CustomerServiceRepresentatives roles. The current status of the shipping method will default in the drop-down and in the same manner as the shipping address.

Individual shipments in the cart will calculate the following amounts and should update the order group and shipping amounts accordingly if there’s changes made to the shipping method:

  • Line Items Total
  • Shipping Tax
  • Shipping Total

Cart Changes Tracked to Support Power BI Reporting

Release: EPiServer.Commerce13.2.0 [ID: COM-7905]

This new feature will allow for users to see online shoppers’ adjustments adding and removing items from their cart. Any changes(delta) against a shopper’s cart inventory history will be stored in Epi Commerce, but data will only to the Profile Store tracking because Perform can’t currently handle this data.

This data can be imported into Microsoft’s Power BI analytics tool to visualize customer interaction and use against measuring conversions. From there, you can customize dashboard views to share with specific users. To do this, Episerver supplies an extension point in the tracking data where a partner can input the delta. See Episerver’s documentation, here, for further explanation.

Preview PDFs in Edit Mode

Release: EPiServer.PdfPreview1.0.0 [ID: PDV-1]

This Episerver add-on plugin will allow for CMS users to preview an uploaded PDF in edit mode before publishing. This won’t allow for users to edit it, but instead review how it will be presented before publishing. This is a major win for sites that retain hundreds of PDFs.

With the power to visually confirm the correct PDF is linked, content editors will cut time guessing or contradicting if the right PDF is linked the first time. See Episerver’s documentation, here, to implement the PdfPreview add-on.

Figure 1: Example of the PDF Preview in Epi's Edit Mode. [Source: Episerver]

Supported Visual Studio 2019 in VS Extension

Fixed in: CmsVisualStudioExtension11.6.0 [ID: CMS-13666]

As a quick enhancement due to developers’ reliance on the tool, Visual Studio 2019 is now supported in Episerver’s VS extension.


Improved Responsiveness for Commerce UI (Beta)

Release: EPiServer.Commerce13.1.0 [ID: COM-9115]

Currently in beta, this commerce feature will allow CSR users a more responsive layout and better experience. This will be especially useful for users who use and manipulate multiple browsers in the same monitor.

Submit Salesforce Form Data Asynchronously

Release: EPiServer.MarketingAutomationIntegration.Salesforce [ID: MAI-1611]

The option to enable asynchronous submission of data to Salesforce is now available as a checkbox in the admin settings screen (see below). If async is enabled, data submissions are triggered with a “fire and forget” operation, meaning the information isn’t stored in the mai cookie. This will be beneficial for forms with multiple steps as the submission does not need to finish before code executes the next task. Auto-fill and personalization based on Salesforce fields won’t work.

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