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Unlocking Growth Potential Through Digital Transformation

Why Digital Transformation?

Ever-evolving customer expectations, hybrid and remote work environments, and an increase in the global marketplace: There’s certainly no shortage of disruptive challenges facing today’s businesses. To drive growth and innovation while staying competitive, companies must adapt and stay agile. Digital transformation services help your organization do just that.

Experts like The C2 Group understand the changing landscape, which tools are necessary to respond to it, and how to get teams on board with implementation and change. We help you see that transformation isn’t merely subscribing to a new software platform. Instead, it’s embracing a strategic blend of technology integration, process optimization, and cultural change.

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Enterprise Digital Transformation

Transformation is a key strategy for enterprise organizations looking to achieve operational efficiency and remain competitive. Yet there are inherent challenges in enterprise transformation, as the efforts required to realize these outcomes are particularly cumbersome due to the scale and complexity of operations. To make shifts in technology, culture, and processes, it’s ideal for enterprise organizations to work with a digital transformation service provider. The C2 Group delivers tailored strategies in digital marketing, search engine optimization, analytics, and user-centric design. This comprehensive approach enables you to drive organic growth while enhancing your digital infrastructure. By optimizing your digital footprint and driving customer engagement, you can evolve and succeed in a competitive marketplace.

Digital Marketing & Consulting

With a unique blend of innovation, insight, and experience, our team is ready to provide your business with unique digital marketing strategies. Our expertise lies in understanding your business needs, your target audience, and marrying them with the right tactics that achieve core business goals.

Value Creation for Private Equity Firms

Regardless of industry, PE firms looking to increase the value of their portfolios must transform internal business processes and the operations and systems of the companies they acquire. Private equity digital transformation strategy considers DX's pivotal role in enhancing PortCo value. By adopting technology-driven programs, PE firms can differentiate their acquisitions, increasing efficiency and profitability.

Measurement Plans, Analytics, Custom Dashboards

We crave data and audience input to inform our decision-making and design process. From persona definition to user research, testing, and journey mapping, we can help take the pulse of your customers to deliver personalized experiences that win their hearts and minds.

Enhance the Customer & Employee Experiences

For transformation to be successful, the employee experience must also transform. The goal of evolving the employee experience is to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and boost productivity. Neck-and-neck with using digital strategy consulting firms to enhance employee experience is using transformation to deliver exceptional customer experiences. By harnessing data-driven insights, you can use transformation to tailor your marketing and content creation strategies while engaging customers consistently across various touch points.

Content & Technical SEO

Great content is not just about engagement; it's also a powerful tool for conversions. We'll help you devise a comprehensive content strategy, designed to resonate with your audience, drive organic traffic, and convert prospects into customers. 

2   Our Work

Our work

Relevant work

As a business that uses its site as a primary marketing tool, Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) identified a need for a user experience that more clearly presented its mission and had an intuitive user flow. To achieve this, they partnered with The C2 Group to engage in a redesign and replatforming project.

The C2 Group partnered with Davenport University for a web accessibility audit on its LMS system to evaluate how well it supports the needs of users with visual, hearing, motor, and cognitive impairments.

As one of the nation’s 25 largest school districts, PGCPS teamed up with The C2 Group to rollout a redesigned and personalized website experience on the Optimizely (Episerver) platform for students, staff, families, and the community.

Responsive redesign and managed cloud hosting lead to a lift in mobile engagement and site performance for Alamo Colleges.

Chefs partnered with C2 to build a world-class experience that provides a more intuitive and engaging shopping experience to customers while enabling internal teams to develop an evolving brand and business model through digital channels.

ACCO Brands, an almost $2 billion dollar supplier of branded academic, consumer and business products, sought to increase revenue and streamline its online shopping experience through a unified content and commerce solution that could scale to support more than 20 market-leading brands.

CommScope partnered with The C2 Group to develop a search-driven user experience consolidating three brands into one unified experience on Optimizely (Episerver) Digital Experience Cloud (DXC).

The C2 Group partnered with The City of Gresham, Oregon to continue to evolve and enhance the web property with ongoing UX, .NET development, CMS, and DevOps support.

The C2 Group partnered with Moody Publishers for a redesign on the Optimizely (Episerver) Commerce platform to provide a cohesive, one-stop shopping experience across multiple devices.

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Case Study:
ACCO Brands


surge in average order value (AOV)


growth in e-commerce sales year over year

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