The Ultimate
Optimizely Pricing and
Product Guide
(April 2023 Update)

As software continues to be a pivotal contributor to improving the customer experience, you may come across the name Optimizely while looking for web experimentation, a content management system, a digital experience platform, an ecommerce platform, and other business-critical software.

As a longtime Gold Optimizely partner, we receive questions about Optimizely's pricing and licensing structure - especially given the vast portfolio of products.

Questions like:

  • How much does an Optimizely license cost?
  • What's Optimizely's pricing model?
  • What Optimizely products do I need?
  • How much will Optimizely cost to implement?
  • How can I save money on Optimizely licensing costs?
  • And more.

This guide will give you detailed information on Optimizely pricing and the factors affecting how much your business will pay for Optimizely - from your initial license purchase to support beyond launch.

Continue reading to get the most out of your Optimizely evaluation, purchase, and implementation experience.

How much will Optimizely cost me?

Optimizely Pricing Request
1   Table of Contents
2    Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Optimizely License Costs and Purchase Options

The first thing to note about Optimizely pricing is that the costs break down into two main areas: license and implementation costs. That's right; the license fee is just one part of the expense. To ensure your software investment delivers value, you must consider all the moving parts that make an Optimizely project successful. And that means scoping the entire project with your eyes wide open. Before we provide a detailed view of what factors into license and implementation costs, let's look at Optimizely's software model - Platform-as-a-Service.

Understanding Optimizely's Software Model

One of the most crucial things to understand is that Optimizely is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), which means the upkeep of the software - like upgrades, patches, and fixes - is on you or an implementation partner. While this can sound intimidating, companies prefer this approach for many reasons.

Advantages of Optimizely's PaaS solution:

  • Cost Effective: You don't have to invest as much capital into their business since you don't need to purchase hardware such as servers or storage to create a large data center.
  • Time Savings: You will save time setting up/maintaining the core architecture, as it's managed exclusively in-house by Optimizely.
  • Scalability: Benefit from rapidly adding capacity in peak times and scaling down as needed.
  • Speed to Market: Speed up the creation of websites and applications by focusing more on writing code rather than managing the infrastructure and operations of the software.
  • Flexibility: Enjoy having employees access your Optimizely solutions from anywhere. Multiple operating systems enable easier deployment of new features, content, and functionality from almost any device.
  • Future-Proof: Enjoy the benefits of advanced data centers, hardware, and operating systems at Optimizely's cost.
  • Increased Security: The responsibility for a secure and seamless software experience falls on Optimizely rather than you. Get peace of mind with safe and reliable solutions that stand the test of complex regulations and compliance.
  • Custom Solutions: Develop custom software based on your specific business needs, as Optimizely is flexible enough to bend into what you need it to accomplish.

Challenges of Optimizely's PaaS solution:

  • Security Risks: While Optimizely provides a secure infrastructure and platform, businesses are responsible for the security of the applications and code they build. Ensure your team can keep your codebase secure, or adequately reserve costs for support from a digital partner.
  • Compatibility: Depending on the tools and systems you need to integrate with, you may have to implement a custom solution to ensure your required functionality.
  • Migration: You may experience issues transitioning from one platform to another, especially if you still need to start using Optimizely's programming language, C#/ASP.NET.
  • Startup costs: As with any software or hardware switch, the initial costs will likely be higher due to having to replatform your website or systems on a new one.

Optimizely's PaaS model can be an excellent fit for many mid to enterprise-sized businesses, especially those who want to develop and deliver highly customized, modern apps and digital experiences that drive business innovation and customer engagement. Sound good? How do you get a license for Optimizely?

How to License Optimizely - Direct vs. Solution Partners

When it comes to licensing Optimizely, you can work with Optimizely directly through a sales representative or with a Solutions Partner from Optimizely's partner network. Read on to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of each approach.

Optimizely's Direct Sales and Service Team

The best approach to get a license quote directly from Optimizely is to submit a form through Optimizely's website. From there, you'll connect with a sales representative focusing on your industry and company size. The direct sales/marketing team will get to know your business needs and the products you're interested in to gauge what kind of license you'll need.

Their team is highly knowledgeable about their products and can show you in-depth demos of an Optimizely solution you may want to emulate with your brand. If you choose to move forward working with their team beyond purchasing a license, you can partner with Optimizely directly for its professional and implementation services.

These can be favorable options for organizations with more precise needs. If you need more complex system integrations and customizations to fit your business model, ask their team about recommended Solution Partners for an implementation project.

Potential benefits of working with Optimizely directly:

  • Direct access to the software vendor and its expert team - some customers prefer this approach to cut out back and forth between different parties.
  • Receive a more traditional sales approach and tons of resources for product demonstrations - including industry- and solution-specifics.

Potential challenges of working with Optimizely directly:

  • Limited in-house technical, integration, and third-party services depending on your unique need or use case. Optimizely may refer you to a Solution Partner down the road to integrate your existing systems, depending on the complexity.
  • Working with Optimizely's team may offer a disjointed experience throughout the software purchase, development lifecycle, and support services. You may work with ten or more people at any point throughout your application's evaluation, demo, purchase, implementation, and ongoing support.

Optimizely Solution Partners

Solution partners are consulting and digital experience agencies within Optimizely's ecosystem that have proved their expertise through rigorous qualifications, such as developer certifications, product implementations, and industry-specific solutions.

Unlike Optimizely directly, Solution Partners exist to help customers evaluate whether or not Optimizely is right for them and propose a combination of software and professional services designed to meet the needs of the organization's goals. Most have a proven approach that works for them to get customers to their desired solution, but they can personalize an evaluation process to align with the buyer's needs and requirements.

With Solution Partners available in nearly 50 countries, ranging in niche industry expertise and Optimizely specializations, you can choose from a fantastic network of highly skilled and certified partners.

Optimizely Solution Partners and Optimizely's direct sales work off an identical price sheet. So there is no inherent pricing advantage of going direct vs. working with a partner on Optimizely license sales.

Potential benefits of working with Optimizely Solution Partners:

  • Deeply experienced Optimizely consultants to help you evaluate and implement Optimizely software at the best terms and pricing available
  • Provide implementation services and ongoing Optimizely support services (customizations to your business, integrations, post-go-live optimization services)
  • Partners may have more profound experience customizing software to accommodate your unique needs and business model.
  • Dedicated team, single point of contact. You will maintain continuity between evaluation, purchase, implementation, and ongoing support. Keep a streamlined approach from evaluation through to go-live support.

Potential challenges of working with Optimizely Solution Partners:

  • Optimizely's growth has created a surge in new partners, which makes finding the perfect fit even more challenging. Be sure to find a reputable partner with experience in your industry, business model, and the Optimizely products you require - in depth.

The Importance of Getting It Right the First Time

Software license agreement negotiations are complex. One common mistake we see from Optimizely buyers is thinking they can renegotiate their license when their subscription expires. The most important software purchase you make with Optimizely will be your initial one. All future renewals will rely on the initial Subscriptions Software Agreement (SSA) and license estimate you originally agreed to and signed. Therefore, it's essential to get it right the first time.

The risk for overspending is high, and the cost implications can be years-long if not correctly executed and managed the first time. A strongly negotiated software license agreement can increase IT agility, accelerate digital transformation and other strategic initiatives, and uncover areas of technical debt that need attention.

Solution Partners can consult and educate you on if Optimizely is the right fit for you (Remember - it's what they do for a living) and help you negotiate the best license to maximize your ROI.

Tip #1: Time the Purchase

Just like homes, cars, and other big-ticket purchases - when you buy is just as important as what you buy. As you prepare your budget for significant software purchases, it's crucial to strategize the timing of your license purchase to meet your organization's timeline and maximize your Optimizely ROI.

Software companies have sales and revenue goals to hit, most commonly each quarter, especially at the year's end. Timing is a lever that's applied differently depending on the vendor - know how to use it to your advantage!

When it comes down to renewing your license, we advise against waiting until the last minute. As new deals swell their pipelines, it can be challenging to secure last-minute deals. Avoid being in a bind to keep up your digital presence if you miss your renewal.

Tip #2: License as You Go

Bundles are products that work together to provide a solution, reduce the complexity of choice, and usually offer cost savings. Optimizely's full suite is built to enhance one another (regardless of combination) to ensure you get the most from each product.

While bundling multiple licenses can save you some money upfront, we advise you to pump the brakes on any software you still need to get a plan to implement and own. The wonderful thing about Optimizely's catalog is that you can integrate new features or products as needed - meaning - no wasted money on licensing products that would otherwise sit on the shelf until you're ready.

It is best to plan how you will utilize your software, and you'll need to devise the right team and expertise to ensure its success. An extensive rule of thumb is to assume you'll spend at least 10x its license cost in staffing to manage and own each product.

The right Optimizely Solution Partner can create a personalized plan for your business and help with everything from ideal team structure to putting a plan in place to adopt new products at scale to ensure you maximize your budget and increase your return on your overall Optimizely solution.

Tip #3: Consider Better Pricing in Exchange for Longer-Term Commitments

Focused on growing their business, Optimizely may be willing to lower their prices for continued user loyalty. This is an excellent opportunity for companies to balance their needs to minimize IT spending while pursuing IT objectives, but it requires careful evaluation. Vendor lock-in can have negative implications on IT and cost agility.

Tip #4: Buy Only as Much Support as You Need and Explore Partner Support Options

Companies routinely overpay by purchasing more maintenance and support than necessary. Like licenses, support should be clearly defined and aligned to your support requirements. In many cases, third-party support through Solution Partners will match or exceed those offered directly by Optimizely. The benefits are numerous, the most obvious being significant cost savings and the value of your support.

How much will Optimizely cost me?

Optimizely Pricing Request
3    Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Optimizely Packages and Products

Optimizely's products support various industries and business models that prioritize rich product and content experiences for their customers. This makes it most affordable and applicable for mid to enterprise-sized organizations looking to create a fully integrated and seamless digital experience across channels.

Factors of Optimizely's Customized Pricing Model

  • Site visits per month: The amount of unique website sessions your site receives impacts how much you pay for Optimizely. One of the benefits of a consumption-based pricing model based on website traffic is that it's a fair way of pricing the system, and means that your cost scales with the activity and success of the platform.
  • Number of SKUs: This applies if you're interested in either Optimizely's Customized or Configured Commerce products.
  • Premium Support: Optimizely offers several premium service-level agreements (SLA) to receive tighter response times to support tickets or handle requests 24x7x365. (Check out Tip #4 again for best practices).
  • Annual software costs: associated with an annual usage rate, monthly active users, and maintenance and upgrades.
  • Onboarding costs: a one-time fee sold directly to Optimizely to initially set up, configure, and deploy products. Each product has a specific onboarding package associated with it. Typically, it also includes costs for product education.
  • Implementation costs: Optimizely does not install any of its products by default, and a web developer will be needed for Optimizely or another third-party CMS.
  • Strategy costs: If you could use help with a strategy and best practices adopting any of these tools, consider a continuous engagement with a Solution Partner to provide support vs a long-term vision for any products.
  • Product bundling: Utilizing multiple Optimizely products will afford the best bang for your buck and provide the most integrated and seamless digital experience across channels.
  • Add-on Apps and Integrations: Optimizely partners with Solution Partners and Technology Partners to offer pre-built and custom-built integration licensing through its Apps and Integrations store. Some are free, while others require an annual fee to use with Optimizely.

Optimizely's Products Explained

In December 2022, Optimizely announced the renaming of several longtime loved products to make it easier for new and existing customers to understand the product's functionality and purpose solely by its name. Below is an in-depth guide to each Optimizely category, product, pricing considerations, and product features.

Products are categorized based on their goal:

  • Orchestrate: Content Marketing Platform (CMP), Content Management System (CMS), Digital Asset Management (DAM), and Content Recommendations
  • Experiment: Feature Experimentation, Web Experimentation, Advanced Personalization, Program Management
  • Monetize: Customized Commerce, Configured Commerce (Pre-Built/Out-of-the-box), Product Information Management (PIM), and Product Recommendations
  • Enhancements: Data Platform, Email Campaign
  • Digital Experience Platform: A powerful combination of Optimizely's product suite built to provide you with the tools you need to deliver amazing customer experiences.

Optimizely Orchestrate Solutions

Optimizely’s Orchestrate solutions enable your team to plan, create, publish, and deliver content experiences in one place.

Content Marketing Platform (CMP)

Optimizely’s Content Marketing Platform is an industry-leading and user-friendly platform helping marketing teams plan campaigns, collaborate on tasks, and author content. It offers powerful publishing options via strong Optimizely CMS integration, accelerated headless offering, and even integrates with other CMS platforms, such as Drupal, Sitecore, and Adobe.

Pricing Model: Tiers and Features

Content Marketing Platform has the most transparent pricing in Optimizely's portfolio.

Our Packages

Free for up to 5 users


Spreadsheet planning

Monthly editorial calendar

Campaign timeline/Gnatt view

Kanban board

Unlimited views

Performance Optimizations


Tasks and task management

Flexible workflows

Alerts and notifications


Up to 5 users free

Support Services

Access to Knowledge Base


$79 user/month

Includes Start plus...


Dynamic intake forms

Request dashboard

Smart routing rules


Resource and capacity planning

Utilization and time tracking

Asset Proofing

Multi-format file support

Annotations and commenting

Brand compliance guidelines

Unlimited stock images

Adobe Creative Cloud connector


Unlimited "Guest" users

$79 user/month

Support Services

Standard customer support


Custom pricing

Includes Manage plus...


Keyword recommendations

Competitive research

Share-of-voice insights

Content Creation

Rich-text editor

MS 365 connector

Live web proofing

Structured content

Content optimizer


Content scheduling and publishing

CMS connectors

Social connectors


Web content analytics

Operational efficiency analytics


Minimum of 20 users

Support Services

Premium customer support


Custom pricing

Includes Create, +


SSO + two-factor authentication

Custom role management

Multiple instance architecture


Budget allocation

Invoice management

Digital Asset Management


Integrated workflows

Asset collections

Unlimited storage


Access to CMP App Directory


Minimum 30 users

Unlimited API calls

Support Services

Named Success Manager

3    Chapter 2

Optimizely Experiment Solutions

Optimizely’s Experimentation solutions provide your team with the insights you need to learn, iterate, and deliver the best customer experience across any channel and device.

Web Experimentation

Optimizely’s Web Experimentation is an industry-leading experimentation tool allowing you to run A/B and multi-variant tests on any channel or device with an internet connection. This product can be used on platforms other than Optimizely.

Feature highlights include:

  • One-line implementation: A small snippet of JavaScript to implement Optimizely.
  • Unlimited projects and experiments: Create countless projects and experiments for all your business needs.
  • Visual Editor: Make changes to your site without needing to code.
  • Preview Mode: Preview your experiment before going live on your website or app.
  • Project JavaScript: Insert custom JavaScript that runs before the Optimizely snippet without deploying manual changes to your site code.
  • Multi-Armed Bandit Experiments: Dynamically allocate traffic to variations performing best with machine learning.
  • Multivariate Testing (MVT): Experiment on multiple elements at once to find the best combination.
  • Analytics and Heatmap Integrations: Use pre-built integrations to send experiment data to your analytics tools.
  • Robust Results Reporting: Segment your results by types such as browser, device, source, campaign, referrer, and more.
  • Target users: Add visitors to your experiment based on the referrer website, query parameters, custom JavaScript, cookies, IP address, traffic source, device, browser, language, ad campaign, and more.

Compare Optimizely's Web Experimentation features and tiers.

Feature Experimentation

Optimizely’s Feature Experimentation is a comprehensive experimentation platform allowing you to manage features, deploy safer tests, and roll out new releases. This product can be used on platforms other than Optimizely.

Feature Experimentation is offered in four different packages:

  • Free Rollouts - Get started with feature flagging and experimentation.
  • Rollouts Plus - Allow your teams to experiment further by unlocking improved features.
  • Accelerate - Increase feature delivery and experiment velocity to drive impact.
  • Scale - Take progressive delivery and experimentation to the next level for your enterprise.

Feature highlights include:

  • Feature flags: Enables developers to release new features selectively to specific user segments, reducing risk and increasing speed of delivery.
  • Omnichannel experimentation: Allows teams to test new features across channels with real users and measure the impact of changes on key metrics.
  • Targeted rollouts: Enables gradual feature rollouts to mitigate risk and ensure a stable user experience.
  • Metrics and analytics: Provides real-time reporting on feature performance and user behavior, allowing teams to make data-driven decisions.
  • Personalization: Enables teams to deliver customized experiences to different user segments based on their behavior, preferences, and other data.
  • Collaboration and workflows: Provides tools for teams to collaborate on experiments, manage workflows, and track progress.
  • Integrations: Integrates easily with other tools and platforms, including popular development and analytics tools.

Compare Optimizely's Feature Experimentation features and tiers.

Advanced Personalization

Optimizely’s Advanced Personalization is an add-on to core experimentation products (above), allowing teams to create/segment audiences based on past behavior and deliver more relevant experiences. This product can be used on platforms other than Optimizely.

Feature highlights include:

  • Adaptive personalization: Using machine learning, personalization uses user interests to adjust personalized content and products in real-time to deliver an optimal customer experience.
  • Experimentation: Test anywhere on your website in addition to targeted campaigns.
  • Data Enhancements: Work with data sources you’re already using to build better segments by combining automated machine learning targeting your own first or third-party data to extend your reach.
  • Adaptive audiences: Use natural language processing (NLP) to dynamically target visitors based on their interests to deliver relevant offers and experiences.
  • 1:1 Recommendations: Tailor experiences anywhere on your site for every user using pre-built algorithms. You can also test different site locations and logic to learn what drives the most engagement and outcomes.

Program Management

Optimizely’s Program Management is an add-on to Optimizely Web Experimentation to understand and scale your experimentation program performance across all touchpoints. It makes ideating, collaborating, reporting, and identifying insights across your experiments easier.

Feature highlights include:

  • Idea Backlog: Teams can capture ideas for experimentation in a central repository.
  • Experiment Documentation: Document hypotheses, goals, and other requirements for your experiments.
  • Idea Scoring and Commenting: Score ideas and prioritize them appropriately. Teams can comment on ideas, experiments, and analyses to facilitate better team communication.
  • Results Repository: Teams can search an archive of experiment results and analysis.
  • Workflow and Approvals: Assign different phases of the experiment process to your team and approve the next steps.
  • Test Velocity, Win Rate, and Operational Reporting: Centralized reporting on experiments started over time, the percentage of experiments that positively impact your business, and how efficiently your experimentation program runs.
  • Automated Program Analysis: Insights on how to improve your experimentation program.

Optimizely Monetize Solutions

Optimizely’s Monetize solutions give your team the flexibility to launch, scale, and manage your business to drive sales and customer loyalty.

Configured Commerce

Optimizely’s Configured Commerce is a templatized platform designed to help manufacturers and distributors drive efficiency, increase revenue, and create easy buying experiences that retain customers. This solution is intentionally made for B2B and its complexities.

B2B digital commerce is becoming more similar to B2C in terms of customer experience focus and mobile usability.

Feature highlights include:

  • Quotations: Automatically create and send customized quotes to new buyers or longtime customers. Give your customers personalized quotations based on repeat business, number of products, etc.
  • Customer-specific pricing and customizable product catalog: to serve different audiences and simplify complicated pricing with built-in pricing capabilities.
  • List management and quick order: For more efficient interactions among frequent users to get them to checkout quicker.
  • Checkout and cart: Provide an optimized, friction-free checkout and cart experience.
  • Approval workflows: Manage roles and permissions for your entire organization using default or custom-built workflows to ensure each task in your sequence is completed before publishing.
  • Targeting: Use real-time or historical data to create visitor groups and design relevant experiences.
  • Multi-brand management: Create distinct sites for each brand or region of your company and make it easier for your customers to find what they need to.
  • Multi-currency capabilities: To serve different audiences accurately in their currency.
  • Optimized search: Tailored to how professionals search for known parts and components in your catalog.
  • Product configuration: to simplify complex products, SKUs, and variations.
  • API-first: Get complete coverage of commerce functions with REST APIs.
  • CMS or Front-end agnostic: Take advantage of headless capabilities to serve and repurpose content in different mediums.
  • React-based frontend: Leverage prebuilt templates to increase the speed to market of your store.

Customized Commerce

Optimizely Customized Commerce is a complete platform for digital commerce and content management to build dynamic experiences that drive revenue and keep customers coming back for more.

Features Included:

  • Checkout and cart: Develop frictionless checkout and cart experiences that enable quick and consistent purchases from customers.
  • Content management: Built on Optimizely CMS, get the best of commerce and content to create and target personalized experiences for different audience segments.
  • Approval workflows: Manage roles and permissions using out-of-the-box or custom-built workflows to ensure content and products are approved efficiently.
  • Promotions: Configure simple and complex promotions, discounts, and offers to track performance and attribution.
  • Order management: Easily manage the entire order lifecycle including creating and modifying carts and purchase orders to provide customers superior service as needed.
  • Catalog management: Combine structured product information with rich content in seamlessly managed and updated catalogs.
  • Media management: Manage your assets in one place with automatic tagging, personalization, and publishing across different channels.
  • Localization: Adapt your brand messages and products to the local language, currency, culture, and customs to provide a more personalized customer experience.
  • Personalization: Use rules to target audience segments - including new or returning users, specific regions, and more.
  • Multi-site management: Deliver different experiences across sites while maintaining centralized, branded content control.
  • On-page WYSIWYG editor: Create, preview, approve, and publish new sections and web pages without coding.

Product Recommendations

Optimizely Product Recommendations provides machine-learning algorithms optimized for commerce to deliver personalized product recommendations in real time.

Feature highlights include:

  • Machine learning algorithms: Used to analyze customer behavior and browsing data, and to predict what products each customer is most likely to buy.
  • Real-time personalization: Personalize product recommendations in real-time based on customer behavior and preferences that are always relevant and up-to-date.
  • A/B testing: Test different recommendation strategies and measure their effectiveness.
  • Cross-channel recommendations: Reach customers on their preferred channels with targeted product recommendations.
  • Segmentation: Tailor recommendations to different groups of shoppers based on various factors such as location, purchase history, or browsing behavior.
  • Customizable recommendations: Choose from a range of recommendation types, such as "related products," "best sellers," "trending products," and more.
  • Performance tracking: Detailed analytics and reporting, allowing you to track the performance of their recommendations and optimize them for better results.
  • Customizable widgets: Customize the look and feel of your recommendation widgets to match your brand and website design.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Optimizely Product Information Management is a dedicated tool to help you set up your product inventory and manage catalogs of any size or scale.

Feature highlights include:

  • Data Import/Export: Easily import and export product data from various sources, such as Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, and APIs.
  • Data Cleansing: Standardize and clean product data to ensure accuracy and consistency across all channels.
  • Data Enrichment: Enrich product data with additional attributes, such as images, videos, and descriptive copy, to provide customers with more detailed information.
  • Taxonomy Management: Create and manage product taxonomies to ensure consistency across channels and make it easier for customers to find products.
  • Workflow Management: Create workflows for product updates and approvals, ensuring that changes are reviewed and approved before they are published.
  • Channel Management: Manage product information across multiple channels, such as websites, mobile apps, and marketplaces, from a single platform.
  • Localization: Manage product data across multiple languages and geographies to ensure that products are displayed correctly for different regions.
  • Integrations: Make it essay to manage product data across your organization by integrating with other systems such as e-commerce platforms, CMS, and ERP systems.
  • Analytics and reporting: Track product performance and insights to inform decisions around optimizing product information.

Optimizely Enhancement Solutions

Optimizely’s Enhancement solutions enrich your existing content and ecommerce systems with standalone products. Both of these products can work in tandem with Optimizely or third-party systems.

Data Platform

Optimizely Data Platform is a centralized hub to harmonize data across your digital experience tools - providing integrations, AI-assisted campaign guidance, and unified customer profiles. ODP can enhance any of Optimizely’s products, unlocking a more simplified and integrated ecosystem, sophisticated analytics to segment audiences, and the flexibility to activate data across any channel in real-time.

Feature highlights include:

  • Data collection: Centralize your data by integrating various data sources, including web analytics, mobile app analytics, CRM systems, and more.
  • Data management: Create custom data sets, segment customer data, and manage data privacy and governance.
  • Data analysis: Enable your team to explore customer data, create custom reports, and perform advanced statistical analyses.
  • Data activation: Leverage customer data to optimize customer experiences across channels using personalization, targeting, and audience segmentation.
  • Machine learning: Enable your team to identify patterns in customer data, predict future outcomes, and automate decision-making.
  • Integrations: Integrate with various third-party tools and services, such as marketing automation platforms, customer data platforms, and business intelligence tools, to provide a complete view of customer data and insights.
  • Experimentation: Test different variations of their digital experiences to identify the most effective strategies.
  • Personalization: Create personalized experiences for individual customers based on their preferences and behavior.
  • Data processing: Process and transform data into a more usable format, such as structured data or JSON.
  • Data visualization: Easily create charts, graphs, and other visualizations to better understand your customer data.

Email Campaign

Optimizely Email Campaign is an email service provider-agnostic tool to enhance and deliver personalized email campaigns. It provides the most relevant product recommendation based on a visitor’s previous history that has been tracked within Optimizely’s Product Recommendations database.

Feature highlights include:

  • Deliverability: Send emails on whatever schedule suits your needs. You can also send ‘Triggered Messages’ based on an event taken by a visitor on your website.
  • Drag and drop creation: Easily customize color schemes, edit photos, build content blocks, create hyperlinks, and more.
  • Dynamically generated, personalized recommendations: Based on a visitor’s site browsing behavior and site activity to drive higher click rates and revenue through email. If a visitor’s information is not identified, it can show the most popular recommendations at the time of delivery.
  • Marketing automation: For trigger events such as abandoned carts, welcome messages, order confirmation, and order dispatch emails.
  • Omnichannel marketing: Deliver the same personalized experience across a user’s different devices to provide accurate and optimal recommendations.
  • Email Service Provider-agnostic: No complex integration is required to get started.
  • Track anonymous and known data: When a visitor enters identifiable information, the anonymous information is sent to Optimizely Product Recommendations to return recommendations based on their anonymous and known site behavior.
  • Configurable rules: Based on strategies, filters, and fine-tuning to deliver product recommendations based on your campaign goals.
  • Built-in A/B Testing: Easily A/B test a wide variety of content, such as subject lines, header images, or target segments.

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