Episerver Release Notes - February

The C2 Group
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Episerver’s continuous release cycle provides new features and bug fixes on a bi-weekly cadence. Each month, C2 will aggregate and highlight some of the bigger updates to Epi software. To learn more, or if you have specific questions, you can contact The C2 Group, an Episerver Premium Partner, here.

Real Time Assistance for Promotional Coupons [Beta]

Release: EPiServer.Commerce 12.17.0

As a new solution currently in beta, customer service representatives will have the ability to adjust established campaign promotional codes to carts in real time while serving customers. Carts will be validated through a trigger, released by either adding or removing a coupon, and then run through the promotions engine.

Trash Bin Enhancements

Release: EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.17.0

Previously, the Trash Bin could only delete all items in the bin rather than individual pieces of content and lacked the ability to recover deleted content. It also limited details of the content item’s name, which could get confusing with instances of the same name for multiple pieces of content.

Improvements to the CMS UI now includes the ability to recover deleted content and to see more detailed information about deleted content items including the content ID, content type, and its original location. This will be especially helpful for content editors who mistakenly delete a piece of content or wish to delete only select pieces of content at a time.

Trash Bin Improvements1
Episerver CMS UI with example of new Trash bin Improvement

Custom Configuration to Form Element Validation Messages

Release: EPiServer.Forms 4.23.0

Previously, form element validation messages could only be configured by developers via XML files. It also restricted all element instances to only one validation message per an applied validator. For example, if there were two required elements, First Name and Last Name, the singular validator message, “This field is required” was standard for both input fields.

This release introduces to editors the ability to configure individual messages for each field in the editor mode without the need for developer assistance. For example: “First name is required”, “Last name is required”. As a bonus, custom messages can be language-specific if localization is supported in your system.

Introducing Four Eyes Principle for Approval Sequences

Release: EPiServer.ChangeApproval 1.2.0

Newly introduced this year, users may now turn on/off the “four-eyes” principle to approval sequences, meaning you can choose to prevent users from approving their own changes. When this feature is turned on, even if the person who created or changed the content is in the approval chain, they will not receive a notification or approval functionality and will be removed for that content’s approval sequence. This update can be configured through the approval sequence by checking or unchecking the “Prevent users from approving their own changes” box.

Locate Blocks in TinyMCE at the Click of a Button

Release: EPiServer.CMS.TinyMce 2.8.0

Blocks and Block Types enable editors to define a set of properties on a page, such as a heading or a page listing. This release allows for easier visibility and access of blocks within the TinyMCE editor by using the “Go to block” button.

Episerver CMS UI of example for new "Go to Block" button feature in TinyMCE editor

Date Picker Enhancements

Release: EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.18.0

Previously, the Date Picker was rather confusing to editors because it interpreted time zones differently. Editors needed to carefully consider the client time zone and server time zone when selecting a date in the Date Picker. These improvements will allow editors to:

  • Add a clear button for nullable dates/times
  • Add time zone information (currently only applicable for Firefox and Chrome)
  • Add GMT offset for a selected date
Screengrab from Episerver CMS UI of new Date Picker Enhancements
Screengrab from Episerver CMS UI of new Date Picker Enhancements
Screengrab from Episerver CMS UI of new daylight savings time settings in Date Picker Enhancements

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