Episerver Release Notes - May

The C2 Group
Multiple Contributors

Episerver’s continuous release cycle provides new features and bug fixes on a bi-weekly cadence. Each month, C2 will aggregate and highlight some of the bigger updates to Epi software. To learn more, or if you have specific questions, you can contact The C2 Group, an Episerver Premium Partner, here.

Select Content Recommendations with Strategy Container Block

Release: EPiServer.Personalization.CMS.UI 1.0.0 [ID: ADV-276]

The EPiServer.Personalization.CMS.UI 1.0.0 (Strategy Container Block) will enable back-end CMS users to better personalize site users’ visits by providing suggestions most suited to their selected strategy (popular content, most viewed content,etc).

After implementation, when adding a new block the “Strategy Block” will be an available option in the block type listing view. You may configure the strategy type and number of products recommended in the On-Page Editing view.

To learn more about the Strategy Container Block and how to implement it, see Episerver’s documentation here.

Figure 1: Above, you'll see how to select a specific strategy type for strategy container blocks. (Source: Episerver)

Require Comments for Review in Approval Sequence

Release: EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.20.1 [ID: CMS-10706]

Administrators can now require edits to add a comment when sending content for review. This will give greater detail to understanding what edits may have been made to or the status of a piece of content. To enable it,check the box (highlighted below) when setting up your approval sequence.

Figure 2: Above, when implemented, you'll have the option to make comments required when sending for review (Source: Episerver)

Unify and Clearly Display Scheduler Dates as UTC

Release: EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.20.1 [ID: CMS-6627]

To create unison and clarity for Scheduler, all scheduler dates are displayed as UTC. Labels are clearly called out to clarify this change for users. This will clear confusion to those who need to convert times and dates from their time zone to UTC.

Delete Stored Profiles and Related Events

Fixed in: EPiServer.Profiles.Client 1.9.0 [ID: PROF-1308]

The Episerver Profile Store is used to store site visitors’ profile and track behavioral data. In return, this data can then be analyzed with Profile Store and used for personalization and omnichannel marketing. This update will allow for CDP admin users to better manage information with, more specifically, deleting profiles and behavior-related events. As GDPR approaches its first year in regulation, this feature will be useful in the case a user requests their personal information be deleted from a company’s database.

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