Episerver Release Notes - October

November 13, 2019
David Korff, David Fewless

Every month, C2 highlights some of the noteworthy updates to Epi software. Check out October's updates and continued rollout of its UI refresh to the Epi portfolio including Find and CMS, new CSR UI beta features, and visual analytics add-on enhancements.


Episerver’s continuous release cycle provides new features and bug fixes on a bi-weekly cadence. Each month, C2 will aggregate and highlight some of the bigger updates to Epi software. To learn more, or if you have specific questions, you can contact The C2 Group, an Episerver Gold Partner, here.

Episerver Find, CMS, and Forms UI follow with UI refresh rollout

Episerver’s been on a roll with updating and simplifying styles across its products. In the latest release, the Epi Experience Editor refreshed its interface to reflect a more simplistic and clean design, most apparent in color palette and depth, which translates to increased speed performance of publishing and similar tasks. Functionality changes to the navigation bar is most noteworthy with a waffle style menu replacing the flyout menu bar. This change has been rolled out across Epi’s product portfolio and puts stronger focus on a “fewer clicks” approach to content editing. It’s important to note that the new UI will not automatically replace the old global menu experience in the event of custom configurations and implementations, such as add-ons.

Screenshot: The new UI replaces the flyout menu bar with a waffle menu. This update speaks on Epi's focus for "fewer clicks" in its Editor (Source: Episerver).
Multiple screenshots: See comparison of differences in new vs old CMS user interface design elements (Source: Episerver).

Updates to order management CSR UI (Beta) enable shipment status, currency, and markets controls

Exclusive to the Episerver Beta Program, UI updates enable customer service representatives (CSRs) with greater control of updating order management and shipment statuses, including the ability to change market and currency settings for a customer’s specific order. If you’re interested in access to these beta features among others, contact C2 here or talk to your RSA/PM during your next status call.

Screenshot of Epi Commerce sample Order Management screen (Source: Episerver).

Visual analytics add-on Live Monitor receives UI enhancements

Fixed in: EPiServer.LiveMonitor 8.8.0 [ID: LIMO-37]

The free visual analytics add-on Live Monitor received recent attention to its UI. The add-on offers real-time animations of traffic engagements on your website including visitor information, navigation patterns, and traffic statistics. With this information, teams gain deeper insights and analytics of their website traffic and can adapt the experience to fit visitor needs. The add on is free but requires a separate installation at no additional license.  Learn more about Live Monitor here and talk to your C2 project manager to learn what it takes to implement it on your site.

Screenshot: Episerver add-on Live Monitor offers the ability to view real-time animations of traffic on an Episerver instance (Source: Episerver).