Webinar: How to Provide a More Accessible Website Today

April 6, 2016
Genevieve Nelson

C2 and Interface Developer Genevieve Nelson discuss topics relating to web accessibility, including ADA/Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 compliance and how ensuring an inclusive web experience provides value to an organization.

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According to U.S. Census data, nearly 1 in 5 Americans lives with some kind of disability. Without being designed, built, and maintained for this user base and their assistive technologies, websites can put up barriers making them difficult or even impossible to access.

Benefits of an Inclusive Website: Increase conversions, demonstrate social responsibility, enhance search engine optimization (SEO), improve overall usability, no sacrifice to design or functionality, mitigate organizational risk

In a society where it's now standard for goods, services, and information to be offered and readily available online, this poses a significant disadvantage to users with disabilities or age-related needs.

The C2 Group and Interface Developer Genevieve Nelson discussed these and other topics during our web accessibility webinar.

What we cover:

  • Overviews of ADA/Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 compliance
  • Barriers to accessibility and accommodations for assistive technologies
  • Implications for sales, marketing, SEO, public relations, usability, and mitigating business risk

What you'll take away:

  • Free tools to start providing a more accessible website today
  • Best practices for coding, content, and design
  • Benefits of providing an accessible web experience

Click here to access the webinar and help us in creating meaningful web experiences for all users.

Update: Download C2's Web Accessibility Checklists as additional resources for accessible code, content, and usability best practices.

Have questions? We'd love to discuss web accessibility, including the tools and demonstrations referenced during the webinar, with your team.