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Optimizely Training

Whether you are just starting your journey with Optimizely or have used it for years, our training helps you realize greater value from your specific implementation.
Turn your team into an Optimizely team.

Every Optimizely project is different. Every team is different. And training is the best way for your team to achieve self-sufficiency and make the most out of your Optimizely investment. That's why we've developed a flexible curriculum that considers your specific goals and team structure.

C2's history and experience developing custom Optimizely solutions equips us to provide top-shelf training for your organization's digital teams. Uniquely positioned to fill in the gaps of your team's knowledge and skillsets - our goal is to accelerate optimal outcomes and set you up for success.

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Specific to your implementation, designed to complement
your business goals and team structure.

No matter your job role or which Optimizely products you use, we customize training specifically for you. We help you understand Optimizely best practices and how to take advantage of the full capabilities of Optimizely. Learn to deliver personalized experiences, maintain a scalable website, turn browsers into buyers, and much more.

Content Editors

Master the basics of content management and learn how to use advanced features like personalization.

  • Manage, create, and structure web content
    Get performance reports and remediation, plus essential security updates.
  • Work with blocks, media files, and reuse content
  • Collaborate on content with workflows
  • Translate content into multiple languages
  • Personalize site content with Visitor Groups
Web Administrators

Learn to manage users and user groups, rights and permissions, approval workflows, and more.

  • Set up workflows, manage users, and access rights
    Get performance reports and remediation, plus essential security updates.
  • Configure Find best bets, synonyms, related queries
  • Maximize Search & Navigation to convert visitors
  • Manage multiple websites and languages
  • Index content and manage scheduled jobs
Ecommerce Managers

Learn to increase product discoverability, enable a seamless checkout experience, and drive conversions.

  • Configure shopping flow and system settings
    Get performance reports and remediation, plus essential security updates.
  • Import, create, and manage multiple catalogs
  • Manage carts, orders, customers, and organizations
  • Implement promotions, campaigns, and discounts
  • Set up merchandising, inventory, pricing strategies

All Optimizely trainings include:

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Tailored instructor-led training

Expert-led training personalized to your company goals, team structure, and specific Optimizely implementation.

Hands-On Practice

Engage and collaborate with peers while making website changes in a hands-on, interactive learning experience.


Tips and tricks from our experts on everything related to Optimizely configuration and website optimization.

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REVIEW OF Optimizely Implementation

Get recommendations for improving your Optimizely implementation to make for a more efficient workspace.

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Easy-to-follow documentation, session recordings, and resources for web publishing and optimization after training.


Up to 10 hours of follow-up consultation two weeks after training for questions or guidance on using Optimizely.

The C2 Group offers a full suite of Optimizely services to unlock your digital potential.

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We've helped several organizations learn and adopt Optimizely best practices for lasting success.
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With decades of experience in Optimizely (formerly Episerver), we're ready to pass on all that we've learned.