Alamo Institutes - Career Pathfinder Tool

Explore. Plan. Apply.

The C2 Group partnered with Alamo Colleges District to develop an online resource that would speak to the promise and potential of an Alamo education.

The Challenge.

Serving more than 90,000 students in the greater San Antonio area, the Alamo Institutes partnered with The C2 Group on a new marketing initiative focused on future students and aimed at illustrating possible educational and career paths. The goal: Provide students with an online resource, optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop users, which speaks to the potential and promise of an Alamo education.

The Solution.

Built on Ektron’s content management system and utilizing Economic Modelling Specialists International, Inc. (EMSI) Career Coach Software, C2 and Alamo collaboratively deployed a robust, three-step wizard that allows prospective students to research programs, career forecast, and apply for admission, financial aid, and scholarships from a single page and in just a matter of clicks.

Once a prospective student has identified their career of choice, the pathfinder tool identifies a range of programs, the exact courses needed to graduate or transfer, and which of Alamo’s locations courses can be taken at. This approach saves students both time and money by doing away with unnecessary coursework. The tool then provides a career outlook – including number of openings, trends, and wages – in real time for the local job market.

From inquiring student to applicant.

Designed to convert prospective students into applicants, clearly labeled calls to action encourage users to follow the wizard through to applying for admission, student aid, and scholarships. The page also features a student resource center for reaching out to an advisor, researching student life, finding support services or location information, and other institutional offerings. This custom interactive tool guides prospective students through tailored educational paths based upon individual aspirations. The page is easily maintained within the CMS by Alamo’s team, with content integrated from the Career Coach database.

A practical plan for students.

How content is surfaced is just as vital as the content itself. This career pathfinder tool uses information the Alamo team already had at its disposal and presents it in a more compelling way. For students, it takes their purpose and provides a plan on how to get there. For the Alamo Institutes, its team now has a marketing tool that drives enrollment and engagement with its most important audiences.

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