Mol Belting Systems, Inc.

CRM consulting and custom ERP integration.

The C2 Group partnered with Mol Belting Systems to develop a custom integration with its enterprise resource planning system (ERP), Made2Manage.

The Challenge.

A manufacturer, fabricator, and global wholesaler of conveyor belting systems, motorized pulleys, and accessories, Mol Belting Systems, Inc. identified the need to implement a customer relationship management system (CRM) to better support the sales organization and drive new growth.

Mol Belting engaged with The C2 Group to provide consulting around the selection of a CRM tool, including review and refinement of its internal sales processes and workflows. After the client selection of the CRM tool, C2 developed of a custom integration with its enterprise resource planning system (ERP), Made2Manage.

Software tools and processes for driving new sales growth.

Previously without a CRM to organize its sales activity, Mol Belting sales resources and processes had relied on individually maintained spreadsheets, emails, and brain space for housing and tracking lead and opportunity information vital to new growth. Without a centralized location for managing sales communications and data, this created silos among individual sales members that limited reporting and transparency into the greater sales team’s activities.

In addition to meeting functional requirements, the right CRM tool would need to support a revised organizational sales process and promote high adoption among highly independent and conditioned sales resources. Refining internal processes, workflows, and the selection of a CRM tool was just part of the equation. To enable sales and service team members with better, more actionable data, the CRM would require integration with the Made2Manage ERP, which houses client information and order history.

The Solution.

Discovery expanded on initial request for the selection of a software tool to provide a more thorough needs assessment. These meetings proved essential in mapping existing processes, gathering requirements, and gaining a better understanding into how the Mol Belting sales organization operates. C2’s approach was to define a sales process and CRM workflow that best met Mol Belting’s needs, and to support the client-led selection of a CRM tool that best enabled the refined process and workflow. The creation of a requirements matrix out of the Discovery prioritized functionality needs and served as a “scorecard” for Mol Belting and C2 to rate competing systems during subsequent CRM demonstrations and evaluations.

Through the Discovery, several key project assumptions were dismantled, including the determination that adoption of the CRM would be limited to the external sales organization. This review found the internal “sales” team to serve more of a fulfillment and customer service role, and this team’s mature use of the ERP would continue to serve the business need moving forward. These findings tackled significant barriers to successful adoption by not adding redundant tools and processes that could compromise the Mol Belting technology ecosystem.

Synchronizing data back and forth.

To ensure the best service for prospective and existing clients, information between the CRM and ERP needed to be shared and continuously updated. Once the CRM was selected, C2 developed and tested a custom integration with the Made2Manage ERP. Using REST API endpoints for the webhooks from Made2Manage’s SQL database ensured a secure synchronization of data between the CRM and ERP back end. A complete test plan including user acceptance testing ensured the connection met user and business needs in the field.

Alignment of sales processes and activity.

The addition of a CRM, and its synchronization with other enterprise technologies, now enables Mol Belting’s sales leadership to better view and manage sales activity while sharing and leveraging data across teams. This includes better tracking of sales staff performance, centralizing team communications, and driving innovation through the creation of new product lines that continue to meet customer needs.

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