Presence Marketing/Dynamic Presence

Windows 8 app delivers organic growth.

Project Summary.

A leader in natural foods brokerage, Presence Marketing/Dynamic Presence, Inc. (PMDPI) relies on data gathering to help its retail partners stock their shelves with the best in healthy and environment-friendly products. This Windows 8 application with automatic database syncing for Microsoft’s Surface 2 tablet was deployed to more than 200 field staff across the country and replaces aging, bulky bar code scanners and in-store, pencil-and-paper methods for data collection.

An efficient and modernized approach to data collection.

The Challenge.

Serving the growing natural and organic food market, Presence Marketing/Dynamic Presence, Inc. (PMDPI) provides specialty retailers the very best in healthy and environmentally friendly products. PMDPI’s reputation depends upon its knowledge of the market and adding value to its retailer partnerships, particularly on how best to fill valuable and limited shelf space.

Data gathering is critical in making those determinations, but the large volumes of data were causing aging and bulky bar code scanners to crash. Meanwhile, the in-store, pencil-and-pen data collection approach was not easily transferable to an updated database system. PMDPI management and field staff realized they were in dire need of a more efficient, all-encompassing process for scanning, finding, and saving products during in-store product audits.

The Solution.

C2 conducted user research and determined a perfect solution: an app with automatic database syncing, running on a powerful, handheld tablet. The Windows Surface 2 tablet was the perfect fit. The C2 team delivered a first iteration of the Windows 8 app to PMDPI in six weeks using an agile development process. C2 deployed the app in tandem with PMDPI, rolling it out to over 200 field staff across the nation.


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