Optimizely Release Notes - June & July 2021

August 2, 2021
David Korff, David Fewless

Highlights for Optimizely releases include recording order activities, GDPR regulated opt-in/out cookies, and updates to the SalesForce Pardot authentication mechanism.


Optimizely's continuous release cycle provides new features and bug fixes on a bi-weekly cadence. Every other month, C2 will aggregate and highlight some of the bigger updates to Optimizely software. To learn more, or if you have specific questions, you can contact The C2 Group, an Optimizely Gold Partner, here.

Implement - Recording order activities

Fixed in: EPiServer.Commerce 13.31.0 [ID: COM-12806]

With this new feature, order managers and customer service representatives can view the history of a specific order for audit and analysis purposes. This feature automatically records a range of events related to order/shipment status update, payment, and promotion of an order.

Allow site visitors to accept or deny mai_trk_* cookies

Fixed in: [ID: MAI-1886]

  • EPiServer.ConnectForMarketingAutomation 5.7.0
  • EPiServer.Marketing.Automation.Forms 2.4.0
  • EPiServer.Marketing.Connector.Delivra 1.2.0
  • EPiServer.MarketingAutomationIntegration.Eloqua 4.2.0
  • EPiServer.MarketingAutomationIntegration.ExactTarget 4.3.0
  • EPiServer.MarketingAutomationIntegration.HubSpot 4.2.0
  • EPiServer.MarketingAutomationIntegration.Marketo 4.6.0
  • EPiServer.MarketingAutomationIntegration.Salesforce 4.3.0
  • EPiServer.MarketingAutomationIntegration.Silverpop 4.5.0  

This update is a result of GDPR regulations, bringing Optimizely up to accordance by introducing the ability to choose whether to accept cookies for their Marketing Automation connectors.

Developers create a method for presenting the cookie option dialog box to the user, obtaining the response, and then passing the response to Optimizely through the IPersonalizationEvaluator.AcceptCookies property. If the user chooses not to accept the cookies, it is possible that some or all of the connector functionality will not work.

Pardot updated authentication mechanism

Fixed in: EPiServer.MarketingAutomationIntegration.Pardot  [ID: MAI-1867]

If your team uses Salesforce, this update makes it easier to leverage the Salesforce OAuth functionality. You will no longer need to have a one-off Pardot only user to allow the connector to work. Read more on Optimizely connector for Pardot here. Read more on Optimizely Salesforce connector here.