Optimizely Release Notes - June & July 2022

July 27, 2022
David Korff

Highlights for Optimizely releases include support for .NET 6, new features for headless CMS, and updates to Content Delivery API and Commerce Order Management.


Optimizely's continuous release cycle provides new features and bug fixes weekly. Every other month, C2 aggregates and highlights some of the more significant updates to Optimizely software.

If you have specific questions or want more information on how these changes might affect your implementation, contact The C2 Group - an Optimizely Gold Partner, here.

Updates for .NET 6

Updates for .NET 6

The following Optimizely products have been upgraded to be supported on .NET 6:

  • Find (Search & Navigation) - Fixed in EPiServer.Find 14.1.0 [FIND-9880]
  • Marketing Testing (A/B, Experimentation) - Fixed in EPiServer.Marketing.Testing 3.1.0 [MAR-1503]
  • Commerce Cloud - Fixed in EPiServer.CloudPlatform.Commerce 1.1.0 [COM-15501]
  • Service API - Fixed in EPiServer.ServiceAPI 6.1.0 [COM-15245]
  • Episerver Search - Fixed in EPiServer.Search 10.0.0 [CMS-19870]

Content Management Updates

Enable users to access Welcome DAM

Fixed in EPiServer.CMS.UI 12.9.0 [CMS-23534]

The Welcome DAM Library Pickers allow users to browse a Welcome asset collection.

Note: A developer must integrate the Picker with Content Cloud, and create a button to access the DAM. To learn how to enable this feature, see Optimizely’s documentation here.


Create block types from Admin mode

Fixed in EPiServer.CMS.UI 12.8.0 [ID: CMS-23523]

Administrators can now create block types in the same way as they do page types. Admins can filter the content type list on pages, blocks, etc. Block types have the same settings as page types, except that default values do not apply to block types.

Add Multi-channel Content tree, Content and Navigation gadgets for Headless

Fixed in EPiServer.CMS.TinyMce 3.3.0 [CMS-21029]

Fixed in EPiServer.CMS.UI 12.8.0 [CMS-22846]

A Multi-channel Content gadget was added to let users view and work with folders, blocks, and images. Note: Pages are not usable with this gadget. You can remove the Navigation view and select Multi-Channel Content as the primary gadget, and restore the Navigation view by:

Select Settings (the gear icon) > Add Gadgets.

To learn more about the new Multi-channel Content gadget:


Search multi-channel content, Select multi-channel content in all Content Selectors

Fixed in EPiServer.CMS.UI 12.8.0 [CMS-22099],  [CMS-22524]

The Multi-Channel Content gadget allows you to create a “headless” content structure. Content selectors were updated to support this content structure content and included these folders. The root of the content structure will be visible including the location of all folders.

The gadget will also support searching for blocks and images in the content tree. You can search by content name or ID.

Commerce & Order Management Updates

The following have all been added or updated in Commerce Management:

Fixed in EPiServer.Commerce 14.4.0

  • Add ‘Created On’ filter to Order Management for Cards, Orders, and Subscriptions [COM-14921]
  • Re-enable the CSR UI extensibility in Commerce 14 [COM-15160]
  • Redesign of the bulk Cart/Order delete workflow [COM-14951]
  • Added custom Organization meta fields to Commerce Management [COM-15002]
  • Grid view sorting to sort order data on all pages rather than only current page in Commerce Administration [COM-15083]


Implement performance improvements for cart/order/subscription search

Fixed in EPiServer.Commerce 14.5.0 [COM-15712]

Performance improvements were made for cart, order, and subscription search to enable quicker retrieval of information.

Content Delivery

Content Management API endpoint to retrieve content structure

Fixed in EPiServer.ContentDeliveryAPI 3.4.0 [HAPI-2275]

The Content Management API has a new endpoint to retrieve content structure.

It’s important to avoid modifying or changing these APIs, as modifications may break the Structured Content integration with Welcome and negatively impact users.

Note: The Structured Content integration with Welcome relies on your installation of the Content Management API and Content Definitions API on the CMS side and that you haven't configured or customized these APIs. The Content Management API shares configuration and services with the Content Delivery API, so please carefully consider how you configure or customize the Content Delivery API.


Content Definition API - Language Branches

Fixed In EPiServer.ContentDeliveryAPI 3.4.0 [HAPI-2194]

The Content Definition API has endpoints to support managing language branches.

For the full list of releases, visit Optimizely’s Release Notes.