Matthew Smith
C2 Team Member Alumni

Today’s student owns and uses an average of seven digital devices.  The facts are surprising but do make sense.

The proliferation of devices — smartphones, tablets, phablets and laptops — and increased convenient access to wifi, mobile networks and cloud-based services has fueled an increase in number and frequency of overall digital interactions. Led by “app” experiences, users have adapted and continue to raise the bar for digital marketers.  The challenge is intense: how will marketers create relevant solutions for an increasingly sophisticated user base? We believe the answer lies in equipping sites to simply do more for each audience.  Doing more means enabling the user to perform important tasks on a variety of devices.  It means setting up mobile experiences that intuitively lead the audience to logical, self-service actions.  And it means building brand loyalty with each interaction.  

Graph: College Students Own an Average of 7 Tech Devices

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