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Empowering organizations to create accessible & inclusive digital experiences.

Compliance audits

Take your first step towards compliance. C2’s Accessibility Scorecard provides a detailed, page-by-page analysis, combining manual testing with automated tools, to identify and prioritize WCAG violations based on your site structure and content.

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Role-based training & enablement

Content editors, developers, and designers all have separate roles in accessibility. Learn how to integrate accessibility best practices into daily workflows with a framework for WCAG compliance, live demonstrations, and hands-on remediation practice.

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Remediation plans

Typically paired with an audit, we create a remediation strategy that fits the needs of your business. We prioritize a backlog of WCAG violations based on whether they are Level A, core functionality, or site-wide issues.

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Ongoing support

Similar to website security and maintenance, digital accessibility needs dedicated resources from upkeep, usability, and legal perspectives. Support packages can focus on regular accessibility scanning, remediation efforts, and other needs.

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