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It’s now the standard for goods and services to be offered online. Websites offer wider selection, lower prices, and added convenience compared to traditional brick-and-mortar storefronts. According to U.S. Census data, nearly 1 in 5 Americans live with some kind of disability. These range from diminished vision or hearing with age, to lifelong visual, auditory, motor, or cognitive disorders.

The C2 Group provides web accessibility assessments, testing, and consulting that determine how well your site supports the needs of users of all abilities. C2’s detailed, page-by-page analysis combines human investigation with automated in-house tools and screen-reading software. We identify, categorize, and prioritize ADA Section 508 or WCAG 2.0 violations and provide recommendations on code, content, and design based on examination of code validation, browser testing, keyboard accessibility, asset audit, and color contrast ratios.

In addition to an analysis and recommendation document, C2 will devise an implementation plan based on your team's desired level of compliance. We'll provide training and best practices for your team to manage for web accessibility, and conduct user testing to ensure your site meets the needs of users with disabilities.

Benefits of incorporating accessibility into your web strategy:

Improve SEO & Increase Conversions

Optimizing meta data and providing a streamlined process for users to follow allows for improved visibility, which can result in another sale or lead.

Mitigate Business Risk & Costly Remediation

Avoid costly litigations (time, money, and resources) for having an inaccessible site by incrementally introducing best practices now.

Enhance Overall Usability

Following best practices for accessibility enhances the overall user experiences and supports individuals of all abilities and disabilities.

Demonstrate Social Responsibility

By regularly practicing accessibility in digital initiatives, your business will become more efficient and streamlined in creating and maintaining an accessible site.

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We build an understanding of client challenges, business goals, audience needs, and technical requirements to inform our strategy.


Based on our research, tailored project and resource plans are built to deliver on-time, on-budget solutions that meet business goals.


We leverage web design and development best practices to deliver elegant, sustainable, and results-driven web experiences.


Customized training, robust documentation, and hands-on support work to ensure enthusiastic adoption of the solution.


Extended support packages help teams improve and enhance the solution around evolving business and user needs.

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