The City of Gresham, Oregon

Leveraging C2 Ongoing Web Support for an evolving web presence.

Project Summary.

Representing Oregon’s fourth-largest city, the City of Gresham’s website plays a vital role in connecting the public to information and essential services. Gresham originally partnered with The C2 Group on the award-winning redesign of in early 2016. Since launch, Gresham has leveraged C2’s Ongoing Web Support offering to continue to evolve and enhance the web property on Ektron. The service provides needed support and access to UX, .NET development, CMS, and DevOps experts as an augment to the Gresham team.

The Challenge.

Rather than redeveloping Gresham’s web presence every couple of years, the city wanted a highly available website that continued to evolve over time. The Gresham site is maintained by the city’s Information & Innovation Department, which at any given point may be tasked with upwards of 40 technology projects competing for the staff’s time and attention. A small team charged with making effective use of time and public funds, Gresham quickly realized the need for continued support beyond the initial launch to augment the in-house team. Gresham needed assistance with tasks such as setting up its AWS environment, applying CMS updates, administering code deployments, monitoring performance, resolving bugs, and executing design and functionality enhancements.  




“Our goal for the site was not to have to redevelop it every few years, so we’re trying to continue to evolve it. … When we see we need to make a change, we’re not sitting back by ourselves wondering how to make that happen. We can leverage C2’s expertise on both sides– development and CMS – and say, ‘how can we possibly pull this off?’”

Keith Sheehan, IT Applications Manager at City of Gresham

The Solution.

Ongoing Web Support through The C2 Group provides increased productivity, cost savings against staffing up, predictable budgeting, and immediate access to expertise not available on staff. For less than the salary of one entry-level employee, clients like Gresham are able to customize a package of monthly hours that can be used to access any part of the C2 team. Working with a dedicated support manager, teams are able to plan, prioritize, and queue up work for a vibrant digital presence that continues to evolve and to ensure that hours do not go to waste.  


Here’s how Gresham has used its ongoing web support:


“Overall, it provides the confidence that we have a highly available website that serves the community. That’s super important. Our uptime from post-go live has really helped me be confident that the right solution is in the right space and in the right hands.”

Keith Sheehan, IT Applications Manager at City of Gresham

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