Checklist for a Self-Service .EDU Website

Joe Salowitz
C2 Team Member Alumni

Today’s students are having a hard time finding their path on today’s .EDU websites. They’re often times not using the resources (advisors/counselors) that are available to them. The truth is, the more effort your site requires, the less loyal the user is, and the less inclined the user is to further engage.

To fix this problem, we must meet each student where they are at, and enable them to engage with us in a way that is meaningful to their path by building online tools that enable students to help themselves.

The more self-service you offer, the less effort your site will require. Below, I’ve included a free downloadable checklist that will help you to make sure your site measures up to the self-service standard that today’s students expect. Enjoy!


Vector image of checklist with "Self Service" as the header

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