From the Cloud to String Cheese, C2's 2017 Resolutions

Brian Beaupied
Sales and Marketing Director

Michael Kunzler, Managing Partner

Mike Kunzler, Managing Partner - Headshot
  • Provide $10 million in rescued revenue for clients.
  • Tell the truth about the traditional agency model and provide clients a more effective alternative.
  • Fully realize our promised culture by living out our three basic rules: Tell the truth, do what you say you will do, and create rewarding work.
  • Evangelize to the wider world the importance of web and app accessibility.
  • Enforce a strict “no stringing” policy with regard to the consumption of string cheese.

Katie Wilkes, Chief of Staff

Katie Wilkes, Chief of Staff - Headshot
  • Hold the line on budget for new software. There will always be shiny new toys to play with, but the question is, which are worth the investment?
  • Establish stronger process documents for internal-to-C2 methods.  If I win the lottery tomorrow, I may not enjoy process flows as much as I do now (oh, who am I kidding? I still will!).
  • Maximize internal software (time tracking, HRIS, intranet) used to support daily employee experiences.

David Stielstra, Managed Services Lead

David Stielstra, Managed Services - Headshot
  • Continue to expand knowledge on the main cloud providers (Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure) so we can better serve our clients.  After all, friends don’t let friends build datacenters.
  • Move critical internal C2 services off premises (to the cloud!) so that, in the event of a disaster, the business won't be impacted. This folds into a larger business continuity/disaster plan.
  • Automate everything – no, really. Whenever possible, spending the time to automate tasks will increase our knowledge and also increase our efficiency.  Not everything makes sense to automate, but, we can be reasonable.

Jon Price, Development Lead

Jon Price, Development Lead - Headshot
  • We resolve that our development team becomes .NET Core experts.  Microsoft is embracing open source, Linux, etc. and it's time we start to build applications that do as well.
  • Build a complete video tutorial set for native application development, from design to app store release, all steps required.
  • Never deploy another solution to a hosted datacenter. Everything to the clouds!

Brian Hill, Client Strategy Lead

Brian Hill, Client Strategy Lead - Headshot
  • Assist clients with better long-term planning by providing 12- to 18-month roadmaps.  We must be able to help shape a clearer vision for our clients' futures, as opposed to focusing on individual projects and engagements.
  • Improve client-facing features to make checking in on projects easier from a client's perspective  (i.e. client portal coming in 2017!).
  • Finally retire the can-string-can tool for client phone calls.

Nicholas Fuller, UX & Creative Lead

Nicholas Fuller, UX & Creative Lead - Headshot
  • Add efficiency to interactions. Every meeting has a goal or purpose, internal or client-facing. When goals do not get defined at the beginning of a conversation, and revisited at the end, we blur the purpose of discussion. Action and accountability needs to be assigned and recorded for every formal and informal project discussion.
  • Make user needs more of a re-occurring theme during team interactions. User needs should be closely aligned with project goals, and maintaining each as a focus with external and internal teams will allow for better momentum toward a successful engagement.  
  • Create a UX buzzword bingo sheet, with prizes for the most and least buzzword-y communications.

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