Here's How to Get More from Your Ongoing Website Support

February 5, 2019
Paul Shope

Did you know that ongoing support provides more than just bug fixes? C2's Recurring Services Manager, Paul Shope, shares unique ways clients can get more out of their ongoing support agreement with C2.

UX & Design
Digital Marketing

Ongoing support agreements with The C2 Group provide access to resources across all of our teams — design and UX, front- and back-end development, CMS, and more — to support a wide range of client needs. This expands the capabilities of internal teams in a way that makes sense, effectively scales, and is cost-effective, reliable, and easy to manage. If you’re a current client, you might know this as Continuous Support and Optimization, or “CSO”.

Did you know that ongoing support provides more than just bug fixes? If you’re running low on support hours for a given month, beginning to deplete your backlog, or you have remaining hours, here are some additional ways to get more out of your ongoing support agreement with C2. During our next checkpoint, feel free to ask me about:

Analytics: Modern and successful marketing programs are built on great data capture and reporting practices. We’ll set you up with a visual analytics tool for tracking click activity, movement and scroll heatmaps, and individual user recording sessions. We can also help with implementing tools like Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, setting up goals and reports, interpreting data, and making tactical recommendations that move metrics vital to your organization.

Search Optimization: Having a robust search on your website has never been more important. Research shows that around 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine. We'll review your site's existing search functionality and optimize it to suggest recommended and related content and products, and offer autocomplete and "did you mean?" suggestions to help get visitors to what they're looking for as quickly and seamlessly as possible. If you're an Optimizely (Episerver) Content Cloud or Commerce Cloud customer, reach out to us and get started making the most of Search & Navigation.

Introducing Personalization: From Amazon to Netflix and Spotify, we are catered to every day with personalized digital experiences. As a result, users have come to expect the same level of one-to-one personalization from companies of all sizes. We can optimize your existing technology and personalization tactics to ensure your website is delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. If you're looking to introduce and embrace experimentation, check out our web personalization workshop where we break down goals, target audiences, technology requirements, and a long-term optimization framework.

Usability and Testing: Continuous testing and review of your digital properties helps to uncover potential user experience and performance pitfalls. Perform testing on a particular web process to drive conversions or review a site’s information architecture (IA), user interface, page layout, content variations or A/B testing (only applicable for Episerver customers), and more to improve the end user experience.

SEO: Teams spend a lot of time developing, creating, and curating content, so why not ensure that content is highly visible for your most important audiences? C2 can assist with optimizing the CMS to include required metadata fields, reviewing HTML for proper use of header tags, analyzing pages for SEO performance, ensuring consistent local business listings, and making recommendations for Google search placement and other SEO best practices.

Design Services: Bring your great content to life with data-driven, brand-aligned design. Whether it’s a homepage refresh, spinning up a new landing page or template to support a marketing campaign, or consulting on an internal design, leverage C2’s UX team to make your vision real.

DevOps: Are your technical environments tip-top? Are you mired in a never-ending loop of break-fix issues? Free IT resources to focus on more important tasks by using C2 to help set up automated deployments, prepare for cloud migration, troubleshoot code, administer CMS updates, review and replicate environments, and much more.

Web Accessibility: Get out in front of web accessibility to ensure your content is accessible and enjoyable for all users. C2 can help ensure sites and content meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and ADA Section 508 standards. Take advantage of automated testing tools and on-staff expertise for recommendations, remediation, and training for best practices on accessible content, code, and design. You can read more about the significance of web accessibility here.

Consulting: Debating a particular project or approach? You can use C2 as a sounding board to vet and start to shape your next big idea. Have a specific question on a web topic, trend, or area of interest? We’re glad to interpret what’s occurring in the market or share what we know so that the next “big thing” isn’t a big, old disruption.

Translation Support: It’s time to share your content with the world (literally). We can assist with implementing tools like Google Translate, overriding translations with custom requests, and easing import/export processes for custom translations in content management systems like Episerver and Ektron.

Additional Training: Episerver estimates its users only leverage approximately 20–30 percent of the platform’s total offering. Get additional training on advance use features or products, like Personalization, Find, Insight, and Advance, or a refresher on the fundamentals of using Episerver. Successful and enthusiastic adoption is the only way to realize the full value of your software tools!

Functionality Enhancements: Do you manage a cumbersome, offline process? Have you identified a new feature to engage your users? We can author custom code for specific or unique needs. We’ve helped teams with customizations and processes for pulling discontinued products, improving product filtering or search experiences, creating a new block or widget, dynamically resizing images, and more (as long as we can fit it within your hours).

If you have questions, or want to learn more about C2's Continuous Support and Optimization offering, check out our packages and pricing here. Should you be interested in working with The C2 Group, drop us a line here.