Web Personalization Workshop

Helping you increase confidence in testing, driving measurable results, and adopting a scalable personalization experimentation culture.

It's a win-win situation with web personalization.

From Amazon to Netflix and Spotify, we are catered to every day with personalized digital experiences. As a result, users have come to expect the same level of one-to-one personalization from companies of all sizes.

Meanwhile, companies that master personalization can increase their growth rates by 6-10%. Delivering the right message to the right person at the right time along their customer journey allows organizations to improve marketing efficiency, boost online sales revenue, and build stronger relationships with their customers.

That's right. Personalization is more best practice than passing digital fad. However, for most companies, getting started with web personalization is still a challenge.

Maximize your web personalization strategy.

The C2 Group offers a one-day web personalization workshop and strategic consulting services for marketing leaders and digital teams at any stage of their web personalization journey.

Our workshop breaks it all down - business goals and relevant KPIs, target audience definition and segments, operational adoption, technology requirements, and long-term optimization - to equip teams with an actionable plan and replicable framework to pilot, scale, and optimize their web personalization practice.


C2's personalization workshop provides:

Business Review

We start by understanding business goals, relevant metrics/KPIs, the business case for personalization, and the impact of personalization on digital teams.

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Audience research

Breaking down customer audiences, their journeys and touchpoints, and available analytics help us identify a key segment of your audience for a personalization pilot.

Business Requirements

Based on business and user needs, we gather and document requirements to inform technology platform selection, development, and delivering the ideal end user experience.

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We'll review the current site's content, design, and underlying technology, providing recommendations, where appropriate, to realize your web personalization strategy.

Project plan

We tailor a project plan for a pilot personalization program to your organization's needs and capabilities, inclusive of scope, timeline, and resources.

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Creative concepts

We'll design wireframes for personalized components, like content and product recommendations, in a current or revised version of your website's information architecture.

Our approach to web personalization.

We understand that every organization will require a customized strategy to meet their unique and specific goals. That’s why “no surprises” approach and proven process is designed with flexibility to set you up for success with clear goals and measurables along with a tailored execution plan.

Our personalization experience draws upon a unique combination of industries, technologies, and best practice expertise with a common end goal of honing one-to-one marketing personalization strategies and building the enablers for sustainable success.

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Enabling successful digital marketing.

Our recommendations are driven by both qualitative and quantitative data, providing a reliable picture of your website's performance. To gather this data, we leverage various tools (ex: Optimizely, Idio) and technologies including web analytics, users testing, heat-mapping, user session replay, among others.

By enhancing the overall usability and performance of your website, you can essentially steer your web visitors to complete tasks that influence key performance indicators (KPIs), such as average order value, qualified leads, and transaction volume.

We are firm believers of human-centered, data-driven user experiences and understand that personalization is the next step in optimizing the customer journey and enabling your organization’s digital marketing.


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