Berry College

Authentically beautiful responsive design.

Project Summary.

This breathtaking redesign captured the authentic beauty of Berry College’s sprawling northwestern Georgia campus. C2 leveraged the liberal arts college’s vast library of stunning photography, while responsive flexibility, code enhancements, and reconfiguration of the CMS ensured a universally usable and memorable web experience.

Stunning photography, effortless parallax animations, and responsive design.

The Challenge.

The world’s largest contiguous campus, spanning 27,000 acres, is only one bigger-than-life aspect to Berry College. A world-class student work program and a commitment to diverse and high-quality programs revealed Berry’s position as a growing regional leader. But with the content that mattered most to students either offline or buried deep behind a complex navigation and copy-heavy pages, the old website didn’t come close to revealing the real Berry College experience.

The Solution.

C2 had an easy job – reveal the authentic Berry College experience. The new website design uses stunning photography, effortless parallax animations, and responsive design to create a breathtaking, memorable, and highly usable web experience. By revamping the code and re-configuring the Ektron CMS to maximize content entry capability, the C2 team ensured that the back end looked just as nice as the redesigned front end.


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