Increasing customer self-service and internal satisfaction with powerful search experience.

CommScope partnered with The C2 Group to develop a search-driven user experience consolidating three brands into one unified experience on Optimizely (Episerver) Digital Experience Cloud (DXC).

The Challenge.

Helping companies of all sizes and complexities design, build, and managed their wired and wireless solutions, CommScope's site experience needed to account for the many ways customers search for information and make buying decisions. While the Ektron site did a good job at bringing in new customers, it needed to do a better job at retaining customers during their decision journey. The IA poorly distributed product data and resources across the site, which was a manual effort and discouraging experience for users looking for complete product information and related products that work together in a solution or application.

CommScope required a platform with the capacity, scalability, and deliverability to manage 100,000+ products and quickly connect customers to relevant content and product information. Additionally, it needed to tightly integrate with leading back-office systems, include transactional ecommerce capabilities for both B2B and B2C audiences, and provide a unique and effortless customer experience. Internally, the CMS needed to afford the CommScope team the ability to easily manage robust workflow processes and reuse its diverse content.

The Solution.

Acting as a central hub for CommScope’s portfolio of leading networking solutions, the new is powered by Optimizely's (Episerver) Digital Experience Platform (DXP). By leveraging a cloud-hosted and managed platform, CommScope is better able to meet performance, scale, and support needs into the future. Seamless integrations with Informatica PIM and Digizuite DAM syndicate CommScope’s product catalog and marketing content across channels to deliver a unified, consistent experience. For content editors, advanced search, management, sharing, and repurposing of content is now possible from a single source of truth.

Due to the complex nature of CommScope’s catalog, customers needed a flexible browsing experience that enables and encourages self-service and education. Optimizely’s powerful search solution, Find, was configured to index, search, and surface relevant products and content across the unified brands so users could easily locate and learn about their sought-out solution or application. Intuitive filter options, product and rich-content results, and intelligent recommendations offer customers additional ways to achieve their goals quicker than before. In addition to more intelligent search capabilities, an improved navigation helps route visitors in a mobile-optimized format that anticipates how differing users think and browse.

Since deploying Optimizely, CommScope has increased self-service and customer satisfaction while simultaneously improving the efficiency of its internal marketing processes to deliver multi-faceted digital experiences.

Tight, back-office system integrations.

On top of introducing a new CMS, product information management (PIM) and digital asset management (DAM) implementations running in parallel would require strong coordination between C2 and supporting vendors. CommScope's deep product catalog and expansive library of digital assets would put site and integration performance to the test.

3-to-1 brand website consolidation.

Late-project acquisitions of the ARRIS and Ruckus brands required C2 to revisit its project approach. With extreme agility and efficiency, C2 had to ensure the moderately-finished build could support and sustain functionality and content needs of additional users with differing site flows and goals. Now a consolidation effort, three separate brand sites needed to be presented in one seamless and unified digital experience.

Ease of web publishing and internationalizing content.

For content managers and marketers, the ability to produce and publish on-brand content is faster than ever before, with capabilities to add or omit language-specific blocks in eight different languages for its international audiences.

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