Custom CRM Application

Driving CRM adoption and data accuracy.

The C2 Group partnered with an international non-profit on a custom application that integrates with Blackbaud to provide immediate mobile access to essential CRM functionality.

The Challenge.


CRM application ensures the best in timely, accurate, and actionable ministry data.

The international non-profit partnered with The C2 Group on a custom application that integrates with Blackbaud to provide immediate mobile access to essential CRM functionality. The web application provides an intuitive interface from anywhere with an internet connection, improving field staff efficiency and productivity while ensuring the best in real-time information.

A three-day Discovery in New York City incorporated field staff from across the world to provide input into the application’s functional requirements and screen layouts. Leveraging Discovery processes and exercises specific to custom application builds, C2 delivered initial wireframes for the application on-site during the Discovery.

C2 provided a phased approach and leveraged Agile development principles to deliver design and functionality related to contact and caseload management. This approach allowed the international non-profit maximum control over deliverables, including prioritizing functionality, limiting work in progress, better accommodating changing project needs, and demonstrating project progress to key stakeholders. Tight collaboration and integration of the internal development team, meanwhile, promoted early solution adoption and client-side processes that welcome new features and functions to the application regularly.

The Solution.

In addition to supporting English, Russian, German, and French-speaking users, the application design also supports Hebrew, which provided a unique challenge as a language that reads from right to left. The application, composed in .NET Core with Angular 2 written in TypeScript, allows the web app to share a single code base across multiple operating systems and platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Mac. The bulk of the front- and back-end data originates as JSON, requiring the introduction of a layer of abstraction between the database and front-end to facilitate the back-end CRM integration. This kept the mapping of data between the document database and front-end JSON objects clean and minimal.

For staff in the field, the application allows for a secure log in from a connected state, with a primary dashboard and global search elements. Users can quickly search, add, and edit contacts, interactions, and tasks, while adding interactions to contact records or a calendar with a reminder notification. Additional sprints delivered functionality for adding or removing contacts, viewing, sorting, filtering, creating, and editing tasks, adding and removing contacts from tasks, and the ability to act on assigned tasks. Providing a mobile interface works to maximize Blackbaud CRM adoption while promoting the clean, timely, and accurate entry of CRM data essential to the non-profit’s international growth.

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