Redesign retools global parts manufacturer.

Robertshaw Controls

The C2 Group partnered with Robertshaw Controls for a multiphase redesign that combined three separate web properties into one cohesive domain.

The Challenge

Robertshaw Controls engaged The C2 Group on a multi-phase redesign of, while also incorporating its Uni-Line product catalog and customer "Toolbox" dashboard – each previously existing as its own unique URL – into the build.

C2's implementation experience on the Ektron content management system was on full display. An engaging and responsive design, simplified navigation, and search functionality on each page help to surface information at a moment's notice. For Uni-Line, its robust product catalog now features a faceted search experience as well as a custom competitor cross-reference tool, making it easy to find and compare Robertshaw's controls against a competitor's. For customers, the retooled and secure Toolbox dashboard provides one place to view and manage invoices, orders, quotes, and customer preferences.

With over 4,800 employees spread across 12 countries, the parts Robertshaw manufactures for heavy consumer durables are traceable worldwide, carrying with them a reputation for innovation and being built to last. However, with a dated design that didn't accommodate for mobile and touchscreen devices, didn't exemplify its mission for designing, engineering, and manufacturing innovative and cost-effective replacement appliance controls.

As part of a rebranding effort, Robertshaw engaged The C2 Group an extensive multiphase redesign of Unifying the Robertshaw brand was just one of the many challenges the C2 team faced during this project. Existing functionality for the site, portal, and product catalog had become obtuse, while users found it difficult to find the information they needed. For internal and external users abroad, site content failed to translate to meet their needs.


Digitally transforming, C2 unified the brand through a design system and simplifying user journeys.

Digitally transforming, C2 unified the brand through a design system and simplifying user journeys.

Digitally transforming, C2 unified the brand through a design system and simplifying user journeys.


With nearly 100 implementations in the last decade, C2's expertise in the Ektron content management system was apparent in the many hand-crafted features built to replace outdated functionality. Now, a leaner is designed to deliver information from anywhere on the site, deliver it faster, and across multiple platforms. For audiences overseas, Ektron's out-of-the-box multilingual capabilities allow the Robertshaw team to manage global properties to speak with a single voice, with content available in up to five languages.                

An engineering company at its core, the design of the new needed to tell the company's history of innovation, including its tradition of research and development efforts stemming from specific client needs. Utilizing storytelling and case work as powerful marketing tools, appliances featuring Robertshaw innovations are highlighted throughout the site. Users can zoom in on the specific Robertshaw part manufactured for each appliance to learn more about product backstory, details, and going so far as to reach out to the engineer who designed the component.

With a drilled-down information architecture, customized conversion paths, inviting calls to action, and product search functionality on each page, access to pertinent information is never more than a click or a few keystrokes away.


With thousands of commercial and residential products, Uni-Line, which carries the Robertshaw brand, is the name service professionals depend on. Uni-Line's robust product catalog features a faceted search experience, including customized product hierarchies, filters, and attributes that allow users a refined and focused search, powered by Ektron's Solr, starting from nothing more than a part name or num.              

A product compare and cross-referencing tool allows users to find, compare, and export information for a Robertshaw product against a competing analog. This is all accomplished by content that is housed, managed, and fed from Ektron, eliminating the need to tediously hand-enter product details for several thousand parts. This tool is accessible from the Uni-Line and Resource Center pages, as well as applicable product detail pages.

The Toolbox.

Specially designed for customers with an ongoing business relationship, the retooled and secure Toolbox dashboard provides one place for all returning customer needs, including a client-provided API utilizing a series of custom-defined SQL tables which contain all data for invoices, orders, quotes, and customer preferences.

The customer dashboard includes a robust resource center that sets the standard for traditional "Contact Us" pages, making it simple and fast for users to find customer support, technical services, distributor information, and much more from a single page.

The Results