Best and Brightest: C2's Core Values in Practice

May 5, 2022
The C2 Group

Intentional. Enthusiastic. Low Ego. These aren't just words - these are The C2 Group's values. And they're what make C2 a Best and Brightest Company.

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For the sixth consecutive year, The C2 Group has been named one of West Michigan’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For.

The Best & Brightest Company award recognizes C2 for its strong commitment to providing optimal employee experiences. The National Association for Business Resources selects recipients based on their excellent communication practices, work-life balance, employee education, diversity initiatives, and employee recognition programs.

C2’s Core Values have a lot to do with our recognition - Intentional. Enthusiastic. Low Ego. It is every team member sharing these three Core Values that creates the culture at C2, and these Core Values when exuded by every C2 team member propels our mission forward to “enable talented people to thrive.”

At C2, we live out our values in our everyday relationships, responsibilities, and decisions.

Our team.

We hire and reward based on these values.

At the center of our Core Values is our dedication to engaging our incredibly talented team. Each of our team members are uniquely qualified. But alongside each job candidate’s digital skills, we consider how compatible their personal values align with those of C2’s. Sharing the same values and aspirations as our team facilitates stronger relationships and connection with our work. 

We promote a winning mentality and an attitude to lead by serving, which drives team members to continuously look for ways to innovate and improve the overall health of the company. We strive to continuously build upon our culture, supporting our teams’ lifestyles and providing opportunities for career growth. We value the talent we have, and as our company grows and new opportunities arise, we reward and recognize those who exemplify our Core Values.

People drive all our achievements, and we know that taking care of each other takes care of everything else. 

New business. 

We partner on new business based on these values.

While any opportunity to work with a new organization is exciting for C2 - we don’t just take on work to fill our sales pipeline or revenue goal. We use our Core Values as one way of filtering and bringing in meaningful work for our team. Our sales and marketing team considers not just timeline and scope, but also whether we truly believe we are the right fit for the client and their goals.

Our employees are problem solvers who enjoy helping others succeed. If we find throughout the sales process that we’re not fit for a partnership, we’ll kindly refer them to another agency or partner who can help them succeed in their vision. Trust us when we say it’s never easy to pass on an opportunity that would fill our team’s schedules. But that’s not good for us or clients.

Partner and community relationships.

We choose partner and community relationships based on these values.

We prioritize partnerships that align with our Core Values. We value meaningful relationships and acknowledge that relationships go both ways. We like to think of ourselves as a trusted partner for them and know we can count on them to have our back, too.

It’s safe to say the same about our community relationships. As part of our mission to enable talented people to thrive, C2 participates in quarterly community service projects. We partner with community providers who share similar Core Values throughout their mission and work. Every partnership includes donations in the form of labor and professional services to leverage the time and talent of C2’s team within the local community. 

Team processes.

We build our processes based on these values.

Since 2018, C2 has followed the Entreprenueral Operating System (EOS) model. As one of the Six Key Components to EOS - Process helps keep everyone on the same page while creating consistency and scalability throughout the company. 

We put processes in place to ensure we deliver the best product and service to our clients, focusing on a “no surprises” approach. From the first touchpoint with our team all the way through digital project delivery, we establish processes at a company and department level that continue to evolve as we learn and our industry changes. 

No one likes “gotchas” and change orders, so we work diligently with clients to make sure that expectations are clear throughout each process to make for a stronger solution for our clients. 

We value our values.

We work in an industry that is constantly changing and evolving. While it can be a challenge at times to keep pace, our Core Values are a constant for our team. They act as a North Star, providing clarity and direction for who we always strive to be and how we want to show up for our team, our clients, and our community.

Interested in working at The C2 Group?

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