HighEdWeb: The Brains, Heart, and Courage to Bring About Change

Brian Beaupied
Marketing Manager
HighEdWeb 2015 in Milwaukee

That's a wrap on another successful HighEdWeb Conference!

First, and on behalf of The C2 Group, we'd like to thank all those who attended our presentation, "The Wizard of Optimization," or stopped by our booth. C2 was proud to sponsor the event once again, and we look forward to our involvement for many years to come!

If you've never attended a HighEdWeb Conference, it's an inspiring experience. Many of the passionate attendees we spoke with were motivated to return to their colleges or universities to make meaningful changes. It's our hope that their momentum carries forward.

As a full-service web solutions provider specializing in service to higher education, we know that making change happen is sometimes easier said than done. Understanding that many schools can't afford a costly site redesign was an important factor when it came to deciding on our presentation topic.

Optimizations are cost-effective, low-effort, high-impact changes that can yield big gains in those oh-so-coveted conversion activities. Implementing heat-mapping software, tracking analytics, or conducting user testing are just some of the ways you can reveal how users interact with your site. Understanding this reveals opportunities to make small, yet significant changes in lieu of an expensive redesign.

I'm going to steal something of a heavy-handed metaphor from one of my coworkers during our presentation. In The Wizard of Oz, the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion set out with Dorothy in search of several qualities (brains, heart, and courage, respectively). At the end of their journey, when the Wizard of Oz cannot provide what the three were looking for, it's revealed they actually possessed these qualities all along. This is the same message we wanted our attendees to take away from our presentation: you already have what it takes to optimize and bring about meaningful change.

If you missed our presentation, or are interested in learning more about ways to optimize, contact us. We can help identify opportunities and services that will enhance your user experience.

Until then, thanks again for making HighEdWeb a great conference! We're looking forward to seeing everyone in Memphis next year!

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