Kuyper College

Leading an Ektron-to-Episerver migration.

Project Summary.

Kuyper College was in the midst of a redesign on Ektron when the content management system’s merger with Episerver was announced in 2014. Recognizing the opportunity to obtain software better serving long-term needs, Kuyper made the decision to proceed with the redesign on Episerver. While Ektron worked with Kuyper to ensure a smooth licensing transition, The C2 Group adapted the project plan and design to accommodate the replatform.

The end product features a detailed staff directory and a searchable, sortable majors and program index that auto-populates with each keystroke. Internally, C2-provided training, paired with Episerver’s intuitive Experience Editor, provided Kuyper’s team with robust tools and a sustainable web solution for years to come.

A better way to work with online content.

The Challenge.

Kuyper College is known for educating leaders that are making a difference worldwide. A longtime client of The C2 Group, Kuyper was ready for a regularly-scheduled site refresh, continuing to use Ektron as its CMS.

Discovery and preliminary work began in late 2014, and the project was progressing on schedule. Then, a potential curveball: in early 2015, the Ektron-Episerver merger was announced. With the opportunity to access software better serving the needs of a staff of varying technical backgrounds and responsibilities, Kuyper made the decision to move forward on Episerver. The Ektron team worked with Kuyper to ensure an easy licensing transition from Ektron to Episerver. The C2 team translated the design and project plan into an Episerver-specific series of deliverables, making sure all gaps were covered throughout the process.

The Solution.

The Episerver interface is intuitive, easy to understand and navigate. Boasting an on-page editor that removes much of the guesswork, managers can see content as it is being created and build pages seamlessly within a navigation or menu structure. With a more user-friendly editing experience and simplified content entry, Kuyper’s team can now focus on its message — not a CMS interface.

The new Kuyper site’s responsive design, enabled by Episerver’s blazing-fast performance, delivers a user experience that colleges many times Kuyper’s size don’t yet have. With out-of-the box personalization and easy analytics integrations, Kuyper now has the ability to tailor content to audience needs — something their previous CMS license didn’t provide. A detailed staff directory, and a searchable, sortable majors and program index that auto-populates with each keystroke, unearths the information users need, when they need it, and presents it in a way that’s on-brand.

C2 team members demonstrated their Episerver expertise throughout the project. Detailed and personalized training helped Kuyper’s non-technical staff apply the array of tools at their disposal, helping to ensure a sustainable solution for years to come. The end product: a meaningful web experience for content managers and users alike.


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