C2's Top Articles of 2019 on Digital Experience, Design, and Development

December 13, 2019
The C2 Group

Spanning the digital spectrum from UX and visual design through web development, here are The C2 Group’s 10 most popular blog articles visited in 2019.

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UX & Design

With the year wrapping up, we wanted to re-share the articles and resources that our readers found most valuable in 2019. Spanning the digital spectrum from UX and visual design through web development, here are The C2 Group’s 10 most popular blog articles from the last year:

Using Custom Contract Resolvers for JSON.NET

If it made C2 Senior Advanced Developer Brian Oliver want to bang his head against a wall, you probably do too. Without a doubt our number one visited blog, C2 Senior Advanced Developer Brian Oliver outlines how he used custom contract resolvers to make similar sets of data from a third-party web service function better within C#.

WCAG 2.1 Guidelines Explained with Examples

When the new updates to WCAG standards were released in summer 2018, C2 Web Accessibility Champion, Genevieve Nelson, wanted to help others understand the 17 new mobile device-focused WCAG 2.1 guidelines, who they support, and provide examples for each of the new standards.

Here's How to Get Google Analytics to Work in China

On a mission for one of our clients last fall, C2 Recurring Services Manager, Paul Shope, shares the trick to unlocking and configuring the most popular analytics software, Google Analytics, to be compatible and work for sites in China.

Restoring Microsoft SQL RDS Databases in AWS

C2 Systems Administrator, Jacob Pilkinton, ran into some unique challenges with Amazon Web Services' Relational Database Service (RDS) while working in multiple environments. By following these four steps, you can successfully refresh a Microsoft SQL database from one to another on the same RDS instance.

Big Changes for TinyMCE Editor - Configuration for Update 206 (with code examples)

In March 2018, Episerver released Update 206, which included a new version of the EPiServer.CMS.TinyMCE NuGet package - version 2.0. Now, code is the only way to configure the editor. Senior Advanced Developer, Brian Oliver, shares different variations of configuring the TinyMCE editor to include the HTML code editor, custom styles dropdown, and other useful configurations.

Creating Accessible HTML: A Crash Course in ARIA Landmark Regions

ARIA provides a set of roles, states, and properties that enhance HTML for the purpose of accessibility. C2 Front-End Developer and Web Accessibility Wizard, Genevieve Nelson, provides an introduction to ARIA Landmark Regions and creating more accessible HTML.

Three Ways to Remove Render-Blocking JavaScript

Having render-blocking resources can ding your site's performance on a number of levels. Using Google's PageSpeed Insights audit tool, C2 Front-End Developer, Vince Bolhius, shares three easy ways to pass Google's eliminating render-blocking JavaScript resources task to improve page performance.

Here's Why a B2B Experience is Just B2C in Disguise

As savvy businesses continue to understand the value of a thoughtful customer experience - and make the commitment to invest in one - the B2C experience has matured and is having a major influence on B2B. While there's still an important distinction in strategy, learn more about where the two are converging.

Getting Hooked on Episerver Webhooks

When Episerver released its new Forms add-on, C2 was especially intrigued by this thing called webhooks, which can alter the behavior of a web page or web application with custom callbacks. Join Senior Advanced Developer, Brian Oliver, while he dives in to learn more about the webhooking feature.

C2 Named Episerver CMS Partner of the Year, Wins Best UI Navigation

At Episerver’s Miami Ascend 2019, The C2 Group closed out the conference with recognitions as Episerver's “CMS Partner of the Year” and received the "Best UI/Navigation” award for its work on The Alamo Colleges District website.