Web Rapid Production Model

Take your business farther, faster with C2's Web RPM.

The C2 Group's Web Rapid Production Model (RPM) saves significant time and budget compared to similar custom builds and provides a quick-to-market digital presence that continues to grow and evolve with your business.

RPM Speedometer
Learn more about Kuyper College,
the inspiration behind the Web RPM.

Zero to Market in 90 Days:
Your business has a need for speed when it comes to reaching your most important audiences. An accelerated development process saves significantly on budget while providing an enterprise-level web presence that goes 0 to market in 90 days.

Save $100,000, or More:
C2’s accelerated development process leverages an extensive library of low-overhead and proven code, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to similar custom site builds. We pass on the savings and spread investment over time to further enhance, optimize, and effectively extend the life of your site. Return is maximized by ensuring a quick-to-market solution that grows with your business, mitigating the need for disruptive and capital-intensive rip-and-replace site rebuilds every couple years.

Market-Leading Tools:
Under the hood of the Web RPM is a market-leading, enterprise-level content management system that fulfills its “best of breed” promise by easily bolting to other market-leading systems vital to your business.

  • Gartner-recognized for Web Content Management and Digital Commerce
  • Easy, intuitive operation for content managers, marketers, and developers
  • Mobile-readiness ensures cohesive experiences across devices
  •   Robust digital marketing tools, including content targeting and personalization

Reduce Risk:
Open-source solutions open your business up to a myriad of vulnerabilities and security risks. The Web RPM ensures your business is always on, providing the peace of mind that comes with added security and support features from an enterprise-level CMS.

Continuous Optimization:
The Web RPM frees your team to focus on the right tasks at the right time: content managers on content; marketers on marketing; and technologists on ensuring a highly available toolset. A full suite of testing, optimization, and digital marketing tools ensures a sustainable and scalable online presence for years to come.


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